A Day on the Woodline – a family story

Syd Collins, who is the father of Wendy Bloomfield, was born at Kurrawang and worked on the Lakewood Woodline, as did his father, Robert Sydney Collins.  He completed an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner during his time working there. In this article he provides a snapshot of “A day at work on the Lakewood […]

Easter on the Woodline –

Sunday Times  10 April 1910, page 4 – By Crosscut Wilson  There was nothing out here in the bush to remind one that the holy season of Eastertide had arrived, except the entire absence of hot cross buns on Good Friday, and as every other day of the year is emphasised by the same peculiarity […]

A Woodline Childhood in the 1940s – by Ron Matthews

From the late 1890s until the early 1950s because all heavy machinery was steam driven, vast quantities of wood were required to fuel the boilers, coal was too expensive. Consequently Wood Lines were born. The last surviving company was “The Western Australian Goldfields Firewood Supply Limited” which ceased operations in 1964. From early 1946 until […]

Death on the Woodline

It wasn’t only working on the mines that was a dangerous occupation but working on the wood lines, was also marred with frequent accidents. This article is about a well know wood cutter “Ilija Radunovich’ who was killed in a terrible accident at Lakewood. Ilija ws a married man of 45yrs whose wife, Kece, and […]

The Goldfields Woodlines

The development of the goldfields created an insatiable appetite for timber. A rapidly growing population soon began to wreak havoc on the environment. At first timber was cut for domestic use and to fuel the condensers supplying fresh water. However these needs were nothing compared to those of the big company mines. Vast quantities of timber […]