Leonora Snapshot – all the little children ‘2’

Recently, on the OFH blog, I posted the first batch of biographies on the people who are buried in the Leonora Cemetery. Every cemetery provides a social and family history snapshot of the town where its located. Accident and disease show no … [Continue reading]

Michael Marijan ERCEG – family profile

Michael Marijan Erceg one of the tug of war team Boulder, his wedding 1914 at Boulder to Milka Bulich.

The following photographs are reproduced here by kind permission of Ron Moss.  Michael Marijan Erceg and Milka nee Bulich are his wife's parents. Marijan Erceg is the last one on the right of the back row as you look at it, he is in the tug of … [Continue reading]

In the Future – a verse

by Frederick McCubbin

In The Future    -    by Prospect Good Oh what will the bush bards sing in time When the digging days are done? When the roaring times have been sung in rhymes The yarns of the past all spun? When there's no new field to rush and work And never … [Continue reading]

No Good at Sewing –

The old timer was sitting among the pots and pans in orderly array outside his little camp, he was skewering a startling blue patch to a pair of trousers. 'Can I do it for you?" asked the young lady visitor with a smile. He regarded her solemnly … [Continue reading]

Maninga Marley – ghost town

Maninga Marley North GM

The outback mining centre of Maninga Marley is situated some 620 miles north-east of Perth. The Maninga Marley Gold Mine, from which the place takes its name, was found 9 years ago by prospectors Arundel and Dwyer. (In 1906)  Since its discovery, … [Continue reading]