And Be Home Before Dark – a book review

Some of you may recall this excellent publication some years back, and some of you may have a copy, or have read it. Published in 2008, Im sure that you will agree with me that is is a wonderful recollection of a childhood spent 'on the edge of … [Continue reading]

The Sandalwood Puller – a verse

We have another great verse from well know writer and poet John Terrell:- In the rugged goldfields scrub he pulls sandalwood for a living Beyond all bitumen roads in conditions unforgiving He’s a different type of bloke, a recluse some … [Continue reading]

The Old Soldier – father and son

This is the most amazing photo don't you think? It is of Amadeo GALLE aged 99yrs and his son Raffael aged 67yrs taken c 1936 at their home at 1 Hamilton Street, Boulder. Raffael was a bootmaker!! Amadeo fought with Guiseppi Garabaldi's Redshirts … [Continue reading]

A Bushranger of Note – where did Joe go?

Although this is no 'Goldfields' story it is one that I have always had a soft spot for as 'Joe' came out on the same convict ship as my husbands Gt Gt Grandfather. I had fondly thought that they may have met on the ship, both being the same age, who … [Continue reading]

Ratepayers Gazetteer -1900

The following is an extract from an excellent online Gazetteer sent to me by an OFH reader, John Pritchard. In the foreword the publishers confidentially exclaim that this, the first issue, will be an annual production. Each year getting bigger and … [Continue reading]