Mr M H Cecil Brown – Goldfields Profile

The Mirror, Perth WA  15 August 1931, page 16 THE PROPERTY KING OF KALGOORLIE SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISE IN REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES OF M H CECIL BROWN I’ve plenty of buyer for homes, but few homes for sale. I’ve a big demand for houses and flats, but … [Continue reading]

The Bicycle and The Bush – book review

The Bicycle and the Bush by Jim Fitzpatrick -  Fitzpatrick spent years researching this book, which looks at the bicycle's use in rural Australia from 1890-1920. It is one of the most unusual, innovative explorations ever undertaken into the role of … [Continue reading]

A Woodline Childhood in the 1940s – by Ron Matthews

From the late 1890s until the early 1950s because all heavy machinery was steam driven, vast quantities of wood were required to fuel the boilers, coal was too expensive. Consequently Wood Lines were born. The last surviving company was "The Western … [Continue reading]

Child of the Woodline – grave tales

Some years ago I posted the following photograph and although I said I had no idea who was the child buried  in this sad little grave in the Kalgoorlie Cemetery, it was shared many thousands of times. It evokes all the sadness of a family who were … [Continue reading]

Tom McMillan and the Wobblies – by David McMillan

IWW Poster

As we commemorate the ANZAC battles of a century ago, it is not generally appreciated today that Australia was bitterly divided over its commitment to the war effort.  The Labor Prime Minister, Hughes, had promised Britain another 80,000 men but was … [Continue reading]