Bannerman Bros Tobacconist –

Bannermans the tobacconist:-   MESSRS BANNERMAN BROS - 1901 The establishments that receive much attention and receive such deservedly at this festive season are the two fine shops of Messrs Bannerman Bros. This firm has kept … [Continue reading]

Kanownas Anzac Story – by Robert Baugh

Kanowna Honour Roll

With the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, Kanowna, situated 18km north west of Kalgoorlie was a mining town in decline. The gold had not run out but big mining companies had lost faith or patience with the district and had closed their operations in … [Continue reading]

Indigenous Digger Honoured-

We have now set the date to honour and dedicate the new plaque on the grave of Hubert Laurence, for the 8th July 2017 at 11am at the Kalgoorlie Cemetery. Funding to have the grave surrounds and headstone restored and for a new plaque to be … [Continue reading]

The Desert Secret – a verse by Jules Raeside

There's a shaker up the gully, There's a paddock partly stripped And a shovel, pick and dishes lying round And a little heap of tailings Lying underneath the sieves And a heap of hopper stones upon the ground. But the hand that shook the … [Continue reading]

Easter on the Woodline –

Sunday Times  10 April 1910, page 4 - By Crosscut Wilson  There was nothing out here in the bush to remind one that the holy season of Eastertide had arrived, except the entire absence of hot cross buns on Good Friday, and as every other day … [Continue reading]