Agents of Empire – book review

How E.L. Mitchell’s photographs shaped Australia By Joanna Sassoon For nearly 100 years, E.L. Mitchell’s emblematic photographs have shaped ideas about Australia. But who was Mitchell and why did he succeed above his competitors? With … [Continue reading]

Marriage Superstitions:-

What month did you marry?  The Outlook is a bit grim for me !!! (: Married in January's hoar and rime, widowed you'll be before your prime. Married in February's sleety weather, life you'll tread in tune together. Married in March … [Continue reading]

The Legends of ‘Hellfire Jack’

George Taylor's Locomotive, a G Class 107, George is 3rd from left.

From: The Countryman, 1st Sept 1950 - There was the time that the brokers who were negotiating to purchase the Merton’s Reward Goldmine in 1902 arrived at Menzies by horse drawn buggy at 8pm, after the train for Kalgoorlie had left. It was … [Continue reading]

Where Was That? – by Geoffrey Higham

-an Historical Gazetteer of Western Australia This publication may not be known to many, but I use it often, as it is invaluable when searching for places that no longer exist in current records. Either the place has ceased to be or it has had … [Continue reading]

Montgomery Brothers Stores

Many of you will know of the Montgomery Brothers store in Hannan street but did you know that they also had stores in Menzies, Boulder, Kookynie and Southern Cross. I was recently sent this great photo which I think was taken in the 1960's, and … [Continue reading]