Indigenous Digger Honoured-

We have now set the date to honour and dedicate the new plaque on the grave of Hubert Laurence, for the 8th July 2017 at 11am at the Kalgoorlie Cemetery.

Hugh Laurence and his two uncles Harry Dickerson and James William King.

Hugh Laurence and his two uncles Harry Dickerson and James William King.

Funding to have the grave surrounds and headstone restored and for a new plaque to be engraved to recognise Hugh’s war service has been supplied by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder. Hugh Laurence is one of the few indigenous members of the 10th Light Horse Regiment. Although Hugh was born in York,he is a Noongar man, and lived for much of his life in Kalgoorlie. He is buried along with his wife Ruth and his 13 year old son, Brian Leslie, who died in 1937.

The grave of the Laurence Family (Unrestored)

The grave of the Laurence Family (Unrestored)

A service is to be held at the Kalgoorlie Cemetery on the last day of NAIDOC Week on Sat 8 July. Local Noongar Elder, Aubrey Lynch, will be conducting an Aboriginal Ceremony and the great Nephew of Hugo, Keith Hardwood will be doing the Smoking Ceremony.  Hugo is the nephew of James Dickerson (DOW received at The Nek Gallipoli) and Harry Dickerson also of 10LHR .

We would like to try and contact as many of Hugo’s relatives as possible and would also like to extend an invitation to everyone would would like to come along on the day to show their respect. Hugh was also know as Hugo and his nick name was ‘Pud’. Would there be any locals who may still remember him?

The Desert Secret – a verse by Jules Raeside

There’s a shaker up the gully,
There’s a paddock partly stripped
And a shovel, pick and dishes lying round
And a little heap of tailings
Lying underneath the sieves
And a heap of hopper stones upon the ground.

But the hand that shook the shaker
Never more will raise a ‘run’,
O’er the ripples of the eight and twenty four,
For he’s numbered with the lost ones
And he’s bleaching in the sun
On the deserts of this God-forsaken shore.

Whats his name? and whence he came?
Thats’s more than we can tell,
Though we know his name was Bob, like many more.
Now those dull and dreary deserts
Of the wild and weary West
Have another Daring soul to ponder o’er


Easter on the Woodline –

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Titanic Sinks – How the Goldfields Heard!!!

On  the 14th April 1912, 103 yrs ago today the SS Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg. The following is a copy of the newspaper article from the 16th April 1912 from the Kalgoorlie Miner and describes how the people of the Goldfields of Western … [Continue reading]

Queenslanders in Western Australia – by Shauna Hicks

Kalgoorlie Cemetery by Paul Tonkin

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