Tonsorial Artists – the Mickle Brothers

9th Dec 1902

The Mickle brothers have established a dynasty of Hairdressers (Tonsorial Artists) and tobacconists in Western Australia. Starting in the Murchison and Northern Goldfields the five brothers had premises in Menzies, Mt Magnet, Kookynie, Laverton and Wiluna and Meekatharra. They would also open a business in Narrogin in later years.

Laverton Mercury (Laverton, WA : 1899 – 1919), Saturday 6 June 1903, page 3

David Mickle, Mt Morgan Fire Brigade


The party whom I wish to bring under this particular heading at present is Mr. David Mickle, hairdresser

and tobacconist. David struck, the township in the year of our Lord 1901, and started business in a very humble way in a small hessian humpy somewhere off Murrin-street. A very remarkable event happened at Mt Morgans about this time, which David still relates with gathering tears in his optics, and that was the breaking and entering of his establishment by burglars, who took with them when they left the sum of 8 pounds in notes, and the reason they didn’t take any more was because there wasn’t any more to take.
Providence must have looked down with an eye of pity on David because his career ever since has been like that of the Mercury, upward and onward. In short, David has prospered, and be is now the proud possessor of the largest hairdressing saloon (beautifully mirrored and pictured) on the northern fields. David presides over the football association and rules that body with a firm and gentle hand. He is also a great patron of outdoor games, and when he promises a medal or donation he is always as good as his word. In short, to see any sports meeting without its David would be as great an anomaly as to see Mayor Jack Smith walking about without his head. David never gives any imaginary presents, they are always real. In fact, David has the reputation of being a white man at bottom, therefore when anyone feels time hanging heavily on his hands let him repair to David’s saloon, where a solo on the flute surely awaits him.

Mt Morgans  –
David Mickel married Jane Charlotte AVERY
Agnes Dorothy Maud Mickle – Born 1902
Olive Mary Catherine Mickle – Born 1904
Sadly David was declared bankruped in 1909.
David died on 30 Aug 1912 aged 51 and is buried
with his son Avery David Morgans Aged 7mths who died in 1901

Mickle Grave Mt Morgans Cemetery

Menzies –
John James Mickle married  Lillie Alice Ada Clarke in Menzies in 1898
Earlston Bede Mickle – Born 1899
Esma Lillie Mickle – Born 1905
Esther Millicent Mickle -Born 1901Kookynie –

Henry Mickle married Emily Hill
Eric Henry Mervyn – Born 1902

Laverton –
William H Mickle married Rose Bailey
Douglas Charles Mickle – Born 1902
Gwendolyn Margaret Mickle – Born 1903

Wiluna & Meekatharra
Eugene B Mickle


An unusual advertisement which was used by all the brothers at the various establishments. These are two slightly different versions.

Grand Variety Entertainment

Presbyterian Concert Party November 6th 1948 – In aid of the ‘New Church Building Fund’


Names Mentioned:- Mrs Hoffman, Mrs FredA Jolly, Ian Rutherford, Gordon Williams, Les Delamotte, Janet Laird, Joy Johnson, Ron Lambert, Betty Norton, Hazel Bailey, Nancy Plaisted, Ian Greenwood, Rev A Macliver, Mrs Maclivder, Heather Macliver , W J Adams, Rex Macliver

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