Marriage Superstitions:-

What month did you marry?  The Outlook is a bit grim for me !!! (: Married in January’s hoar and rime, widowed you’ll be before your prime. Married in February’s sleety weather, life you’ll tread in tune together. Married in March winds shrill and roar, your home will lie on a foreign shore. Married ‘neath […]

Left Waiting at the Church

“WAITING AT THE CHURCH.”PLIGHT OF A PAIR IN PICCADILLY A Brace of Bouiderites Kept Waiting at the Matrimonial Starting Barrier— For the Parson who ” Forgot.” 11th April 1909 A NOW HAPPY PAIR (since they are married) who, for the best part of an hour, on Wednesday afternoon last, feared that their chance of enjoying […]

DANIEL— CRAIG. A pretty wedding !!

DANIEL— CRAIG. A pretty wedding took place on Friday, October 25 1907, at Mr. J. C. Bell’s residence, ‘Craigross,’  64 Addis Street, Lamington Heights, when Miss Nellie Craig, of Perth,  was married to Mr. Fred. Daniel of Kalgoorlie. The ceremony was performed by Mr. John Stuart, an evangelist of the Church of Christ, Egan Street. The bride, who was given […]

A Most Private Wedding

Western Argus 24th March 1903 Boulder The Marriage of Arthur Waldo Connelly to Mariona Way 1903 Boulder Western Australia A wedding that occasioned much interest in social circles took place on March 4 between Dr. Arthur Waldo Connelly, youngest son of the late Mr. T. J. Connelly. of Bendigo, Victoria, and Miss Marion Way, youngest daughter of the late […]