Blake the Bold – ripping yarn

In the town of Mt Magnet, one of the local public figures, a police constable, became very unpopular due to his making a point of closing the Grand Hotel at night whilst allowing the Royal Mail Hotel to keep trading.  This situation came to a head when he arrested a man for swearing in the […]

Const Edward Tindall – Grave Tales

Death from Typhoid Fever was common around the turn of the 19th century. Many of the victims were fit young men who could succome to the disease and perish very quickly as this story of a young Police Constable, who had been on the Goldfields less than 6 months, will tell. The following is an […]

The Prison Log and “Sky Blue Goannas”

In the early days of Coolgardie, there was no provision for holding prisoners pending their appearance in court so Corporal McCarthy chopped a four-foot log from a three-foot thick trunk of a blown down salmon gum to which they were chained by a strong steel staple at one end and handcuffs at the other. (A […]

Sand and Stone Vol 1 and 2 by Kevin Moran

Book Review:- Are you looking for that special gift for family or friends who love reading about Goldfields History. If so, I would like to recommend this wonderful two volume set., it will not disappoint I assure you. This is its second release as the first was so popular. Sand and Stone Pt 1. Colonists and […]

First Female Police Officer – Helen Dugdale

There are many ‘Firsts’ that have occurred in the Goldfields and one of them is that the first female police officer, Helen Blanche Dugdale, was appointed from Kalgoorlie. The Police Historical Society have recognised the contribution of Helen Dugdale and in 2006 the Goldfields Family History Society had a plaque placed on her grave in […]