Drawn to Mt Magnet

As you will know we have done some recent ‘snapshop’ posts on various town such as Leonora and Abbotts. I had at first decided to review each town page on the OFH web site in alphabetical order but thats a bit dull don’t you think?? So I’m now jumping to Mt Magnet for no other […]

Blake the Bold – ripping yarn

In the town of Mt Magnet, one of the local public figures, a police constable, became very unpopular due to his making a point of closing the Grand Hotel at night whilst allowing the Royal Mail Hotel to keep trading.  This situation came to a head when he arrested a man for swearing in the […]

Horrific Accident at the St George Mine

MAN SWEPT ROUND SHAFTING AT THE ST GEORGE MINE.  CONDITION CRITICAL Andrew Thomas Sarte, 59 years of age, and employed in general work on the surface, met with a dreadful accident at the St. George mine on Thursday afternoon last. It appears that the unfortunate man was in the act of removing a belt from the elevators cff the brace, […]