Drawn to Mt Magnet

As you will know we have done some recent ‘snapshop’ posts on various town such as Leonora and Abbotts. I had at first decided to review each town page on the OFH web site in alphabetical order but thats a bit dull don’t you think?? So I’m now jumping to Mt Magnet for no other […]

A Gallant Young Hero

The Knickerbocker Hero – The Little Lennonville Hero, were some of the words used to describe Vincent Atkinson, a young boy of just ten years of age, who was to inspire West Australians with his presence of mind and his ‘heart of a lion’ after he brought his younger brothers and sister to safety following […]

Mount Magnet – Goldfields Town

Latitude : 28 04 S Longitude : 117 51 E  Western Australia Mount Magnet is a townsite in the Murchison goldfields, 569 km north east of Perth and 126 km east of Yalgoo. Gold was discovered in the Mount Magnet area in July 1891 by the prospectors George Woodley and Tom Sampey. By late 1893 […]