A Deadly Epidemic – Leonora update

Fevers and flu were common, mostly caused by poor sanitation and cross infection, and, until the arrival of antibiotics in 1945, pneumonia was often a fatal disease. In May 1919, an Italian miner called Luigi Morelli, contracted ‘broncho pneumonia influenza and died within six days. Eight more cases were diagnosed in rapid succession. The Public Health […]

Leonora Snapshot – death from despair

This is the second snapshot of biographies from the Leonora Cemetery. As in the previous post it covers from 1902 to early 1911. In this time there were 12 suicides:- Suicide was quite a common thing in the early days on the goldfields. Men, and a few women, who find themselves in a state of […]

Leonora Snapshot – all the little children

I have just completed my first batch of biographies on the people who are buried in the Leonora Cemetery. Every cemetery provides a social and family history snapshot of the town where its located. Accident and disease show no favorites. I hope that this small section of deaths will provide a good example to compare […]

The Cobbled Road Near Poison Creek –

I have recently been contacted by Terri Watson who sent me this facinationg story. Is there anyone out there who knows anything about this mystery road. I know nothing about it. This is what Terri told me:- We are currently care taking a non-operational mine site along the Old Agnew Rd and over the last […]

Early Days – the Stock and Hill Families

  The following photographs and information have been kindly sent by Lesley Ryle nee Moloney and features members of her family. Along the bottom of the photo is written Sir John Forrest and party at the National Bank of Australasia, MALCOLM WA. Sadly no date but (probably 1898-1900) On the right seated, is Peter Hill possibly […]