Lawlers Hospital

These wonderful photos have just been sent in by Mary Forward. Her Grandmother’s sister Emily Mann (seen on right)  was the Matron at the Lawlers Hospital from 1898 to 1899. In her off duty time.

The Cobbled Road Near Poison Creek –

I have recently been contacted by Terri Watson who sent me this facinationg story. Is there anyone out there who knows anything about this mystery road. I know nothing about it. This is what Terri told me:- We are currently care taking a non-operational mine site along the Old Agnew Rd and over the last […]

Greek Tragedy at Lawlers

Kalgoorlie Western Argus (WA : 1896 – 1916), Tuesday 13 January 1903, page 31 THE LAWLERS MURDER INQUEST AND TRIAL. Inquest into the deaths  of Sophia, and and her child Emanuel Psechetsas. The victims of the terrible tragedy at Lawlers on December 20 was begun on Tuesday last, Detective Walsh having arrived from Kalgoorlie two […]

Beloved Teddy – grave tales

The following little grave is in the Lawlers Cemetery:- Henry Edward James “Teddy” Taylor died on the 19th October 1907 in Lawlers. He was 6yrs old. He died from acute laryngitis and respiratory failure which he suffered from for 5 days His father was Henry Albert TAYLOR who was a coach builder and his mother […]

Lawlers – A Goldfields Town

The West Australian East Murchison goldfields of the 1890s was a dry and inhospitable place. Far from any kind of civilization, unbelievably hot in the summer and dry as dust all year round. The trackless wilderness around what was to become Lawlers and Agnew first felt the tread of hob nailed boots in the year […]