Mining Deaths – Lawlers Snapshot 3

In mining areas it was very common to have deaths occur from accidents and miners lung conditions, and Lawlers is no exception. In the Lawlers Cemetery there are 19 mining related deaths out of a total of 164 burials. It is sad that none of them have a headstone. Their details are all recorded on […]

To be or not to be – Lawlers Suicides

In this last edition of the Lawlers Cemetery Snapshots we look at suicides. Suicide was a sad but common cause of death in the early days of the Goldfields. Sometimes it was a release from a certain and horrific death by thirst or heat. Other times it was due to hopelessness and despair. In most […]

Lawlers Cemetery – Snapshot – The Irish

Over the next few days I will be publishing the results of my work on the update of the  Lawlers Cemetery records and photos.  I have been careful editing and researching for the past three weeks. This cemetery is quite small, with only 164 burials. Like all cemeteries, it’s a snapshot of the people who […]

Old Age and Youth – Darlot Divorce

We often think that family law matters didn’t go to court in the early days but this unusual story shows that matters could still be most complicated and acrimonious:- Leonora Miner (WA : 1910 – 1928), Saturday 6 August 1927, page 3 Old Age and Youth.   –     WIFE OF 39yrs SUES HUSBAND […]

Darlot Rose Bowl

This beautiful rose bowl was won by Carl Pederson who is the grandfather of Peter Wright who sent in the photo and who has this wonderful heirloom. Inscription on one side is:- The Lawlers & Darlot Cup Won by Lawlers Rifle Club Scoring 213 points Sept 1903        Oct 1902       515 Points On the other side […]