Did she fall or was she pushed? – Annie Solly

Life for a single woman on the Goldfields of Western Australia could be very hard. Annie Solly seems to have been a young woman who could look after herself and she appeared in the newspapers several times for things such as drunk and disorderly. On New Years Day 1902 she was arrested and charged 10 […]

A Day on the Woodline – a family story

Syd Collins, who is the father of Wendy Bloomfield, was born at Kurrawang and worked on the Lakewood Woodline, as did his father, Robert Sydney Collins.  He completed an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner during his time working there. In this article he provides a snapshot of “A day at work on the Lakewood […]

We dont like Cricket ‘Oh No’ We love it !!!!!

Well its soon to be that time of year again so here are a few photos for the cricket fans:- Back Row:- J Calder (Umpire), J Elari, M Porter, D Wearing, J Cahill, A Bennetts Middle Row:- C Williamson, L Stephens, W Trewhella (Capt), C Burgess (V Capt) E Prince Sitting:- T Porter and C […]

Members of the Queens Church

A Soldiers Letter- Ted Lennell

The following letter was received from Edward (Ted) Lennell from England:- Evening Star (Boulder, WA : 1898 – 1921), Saturday 19 August 1916, page 2 LETTER FROM LANCE-CORPORAL TED LENNELL – Mr W. T Piper, of the Boulder Council staff has received the following  interesting letter from Lance-Corp  Ted Lennel, son of  T. Lennell of […]