Mr M H Cecil Brown – Goldfields Profile

The Mirror, Perth WA  15 August 1931, page 16 THE PROPERTY KING OF KALGOORLIE SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISE IN REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES OF M H CECIL BROWN I’ve plenty of buyer for homes, but few homes for sale. I’ve a big demand for houses and flats, but scarcely any to let. The most solvent centre of the […]

Child of the Woodline – grave tales

Some years ago I posted the following photograph and although I said I had no idea who was the child buried  in this sad little grave in the Kalgoorlie Cemetery, it was shared many thousands of times. It evokes all the sadness of a family who were unable to afford a proper memorial so they […]

A Racing Man from Tipperary – grave tales

FATAL MINING ACCIDENT IN THE PERSEVERANCE MINE – MAN FALLS DOWN A PASS. Richard Ryan, a well known citizen of Boulder, met with an instantaneous death in the Great Boulder Perseverance. Kalgoorlie Western Argus (WA : 1896 – 1916), Tuesday 17 March 1908, page 17 On Wednesday 11th March about 9.30 a.m. the deceased and […]

South Kalgoorlie -How it came to be

Western Mail 26th Dec 1946 Ex-servicemen have banded together for a building project at Kalgoorlie The Housing Problem   –    Enterprise on the Goldfields        by K, Douglas DUE to the initiative and willingness of a band of ex servicemen, a model community centre is well under way to being completed at […]

No Bull and the Brady Murder !!!

This building will be instantly recognised by many located at 14 Wilson Street, Kalgoorlie. Today it is an excellent Italian restaurant called Orecchiette’s. However if you compare the two photographs you will see something missing. ie The Bulls head over the main door !!!! I have tried to find out what happened to it but […]