And Be Home Before Dark – a book review

Some of you may recall this excellent publication some years back, and some of you may have a copy, or have read it. Published in 2008, Im sure that you will agree with me that is is a wonderful recollection of a childhood spent ‘on the edge of nowhere’. The book has sold 25,000 copies […]

A Deadly Epidemic – Leonora update

Fevers and flu were common, mostly caused by poor sanitation and cross infection, and, until the arrival of antibiotics in 1945, pneumonia was often a fatal disease. In May 1919, an Italian miner called Luigi Morelli, contracted ‘broncho pneumonia influenza and died within six days. Eight more cases were diagnosed in rapid succession. The Public Health […]

The Sons of Gwalia Sunbeam

The following article was written by Peter Ransom and first appeared in the February edition of the journal of the Vintage Car Club Of  Queensland. It is now reproduced with his kind permission. This is one for the car enthusiasts! Apologies in advance for anyone living in Leonora ie ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ (: THE […]

The Italian Miner

If you attened recent the talk by Dr Criena Fitzgerald at the WA Museum Kagoorlie-Boulder on the 18th November you would be interested to read the following verse from the Murchison Advocate in 1902. This pre dates the period that was covered in the talk, WW1, but it shows how the seeds of unrest and […]