Burbanks People – town snapshot

Thomas Hugh and Sarah Jane ALFORD nee DALY settled in Burbanks some time before 1904. Their eldest recorded child, Thomas William (born 1907), was a 10 year old child at the Burbanks school in 1918. Benetta Lydia (born 1910) two years later and two years after her Frederick George (born 1912). The above family portrait […]

Patrick Murphy – Ganger, Prospector and Bushman

One of the volunteers who assist me with researching the people on the Miners Memorial, Eric Chamberlain, came across the following story which I thought would be of interest. Patrick Murphy was a well know bushman and prospector in his own right, but it was his parents who first interested me in his  story. His […]

Up on old Coolgardie – a verse

Ye who’ve done your pioneering Up on old Coolgardie Little caring, nothing fearing Honest men and hardy Ye who blazed the Golden Track In the wake of Bayley. Pushing to the Outer Back Gallantly and Gaily Ye who crossed the raging foam Taking risks and all in Good Bye speeding you from home and the […]

Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of Coolgardie -a verse

author: tony mate bozich the track I walk along the beaten track to old Coolgardie town where pioneers trudged in earliest days with grim but hopeful frown, the asphalt whispers, murmurs low, my mind is all unhearing, I think about the men who slogged through bush and heat all searing. ****** the discovery of Coolgardie […]

Coolgardie – The Hall Family,early days

The following collection of photographs are reproduced with the kind permission of Marshall Hall and Family. In his words:- ‘Charles FitzJohn Hall was the main produce merchant in Coolgardie from 1896-1918. Prior to this he made his money in gold diggings. He saw the need to supply the fields with good and produce and he […]