Strange Happenings – grave tales

I have to admit that I have spent quite a bit of time wandering around cemeteries, as I am sure many of you will admit to as well. My children as well have accompanied me on may of these visits and they became very good at finding names for me. My mother assured me that […]

Patrick Murphy – Ganger, Prospector and Bushman

One of the volunteers who assist me with researching the people on the Miners Memorial, Eric Chamberlain, came across the following story which I thought would be of interest. Patrick Murphy was a well know bushman and prospector in his own right, but it was his parents who first interested me in his  story. His […]

Western Australian Lonely Graves – books

Latest Release:-  Western Australian Lonely Graves  by Yvonne and Kevin Coate Four volume set  full details:- Hesperian Press ISBN 978-0-85905-682-3, A4, 1284 pages,  soft cover,  3.5 kg     $325.00* + POST These magnificent volumes are the result of nearly 40 years research by Yvonne and Kevin Coate and their associates, and contain details of thousands […]

Leonora Snapshot – all the little children ‘2’

Recently, on the OFH blog, I posted the first batch of biographies on the people who are buried in the Leonora Cemetery. Every cemetery provides a social and family history snapshot of the town where its located. Accident and disease show no favorites. I hope that this section of infant deaths will provide a good […]

Time Lapse – then and now

Kalgoorlie Cemetery gates, first photo taken today and the second c 1950, which do you prefer???