Double Tragedy at Kalgoorlie – grave tales

Truth (Perth, WA : 1903 – 1931), Saturday 28 December 1912, page 3 Double Tragedy at Kalgoorlie.      “She Smiled, said “Hello, Curly” and Died” In our last issue appeared a brief account of the terrible double tragedy, which happened at Kalgoorlie on the previous Thursday, in the yard at the back of the […]

The Lonely Ghost – a verse

The Lonely Ghost by Evelyn Cull 1968 Throw another log on the fire, boys, A billy of tea we’ll brew And while we drink a tale I’ll tell Of something strange but true I was camped one night out Malcolm way On the side of a sandy hill, I was sitting beside my fire, mates, […]

Off to the Boer War:-

Goldfields Men in the Boar War:- “The West Australian 6 Apr 1901′ THE SIXTH CONTINGENT  –  AT KARRAKATTA CAMP. At last the members of the Sixth Contingent have been supplied with uniforms. On Thursday evening these were delivered, and yesterday each man was handed his khaki-coloured clothes. The men were paraded in their uniforms […]

Andrew (Andy) Campbell – people profile

His life as a gold miner and union leader on the goldfields of Western Australia 1860 to 1930 Following is an abstract from a book titled: A Challenging Life – The Life of Andrew (‘Andy’) Campbell J.P. (1860-1930), written in 2017 by his grandson, Ian Campbell, and available online at the following link – Andrew […]

A Token of Esteem – John J Victor

  Presented to J J Victor Esq (Pictured centre) Secretary As a token of esteem by the members of the Boulder Amateur Swimming Club. 1911 Presented to J J Victor Esq (Pictured centre) Secretary J (John George) Cosson President T Carberry Captain and Instructor T Jenkins Judge G Stevenson – Starter A Shea – Prop […]