Pets from the Past – 4

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Destroy Your Body with The Miner Diet – Food on the Gold Fields

Article contributed by - By Outback Family History reader Jenni Hodge There are few better ways to get a feel for the people of the past than by eating their diets. The experience of tasting something which our ancestors tasted connects us … [Continue reading]

Coolgardie Cemetery – Breaking News!!!!!

Finally after many years of work the Coolgardie Cemetery is now on line for the first time ever.  I had hoped to have all the headstone/memorial photos also inserted into the list to co inside with the 'History and Hauntings' tour this coming … [Continue reading]

Hotels of the Goldfields – 2 The Main Reef Boulder

I am sure many readers will have seen the Main Reef Hotel in Boulder but this is a really great photo of it. Do let me know what you think!!! … [Continue reading]

Monthly Book Giveaway – Just Soldiers by Darryl Kelly

To commemorate the Anzac Day Weekend this months book giveaway is Just Soldiers by Darryl Kelly: To enter go to: Title Just Soldiers: Stories of Ordinary Australians Doing Extraordinary Things in Times of … [Continue reading]