The Hotel Australia – The Coach House, Laverton

Hotel Australia Laverton 1900

The Hotel Australia in Laverton Western Australia still stands today. It has changed very little over the years as you will see from the following photographs:- Originally the Hotel Australia built in 1899. Laverton was then the centre of a … [Continue reading]

Painless Haircuts – Murrin Murrin

Painless Hait cuts

              T Roberts Hairdressing Saloon (not Salon) Hair Cut Painlessly, terms cash! I just love this photo. Taken at Murrin Murrin (between Leonora and Laverton),Western Australia. Is this … [Continue reading]

Not Just a Presidents Wife – Lou Henry Hoover

Lou Henry Hoover

Lou Henry Hoover was the wife of Herbert Clark Hoover, the 31st president of the United States of America. There has been a great deal written about her husbands time on the Goldfields of Western Australia but very little has been told about his … [Continue reading]

The Ghosts of Bayley Street – A Poem

The Ghosts of Bailey Street

Almost a 1000 men under the age of 26 lie buried in the Coolgardie Cemetery. The Ghosts of Bayley Street Last night the occult was in power And as the clocks struck midnight hour With saddened eyes and soundless feet, A thousand ghosts … [Continue reading]

Goldfields Gallipoli Vetran – William John Rea (Ray) TONKIN

William TONKIN

William John Rae (Ray) Tonkin was born in Bendigo but came to Kalgoorlie at a young age.  He was a blacksmith and farrier by trade. William John Rea (Ray) Tonkin was born on the 5th Feb 1895 in Bendigo Victoria but came to Kalgoorlie at a young … [Continue reading]