My Dear Annie – Missingham letters – 1

David Missingham was born in 1855 in Kiama New South Wales. He was a mining Engineer and Mayor of Charters Towers in 1893. In 1897 he traveled to Western Australia, arriving before his family. He sent many letters back to his wife Annie and their … [Continue reading]

The Publican and The Pig – Coolgardie 1905

  'The Sun' newspaper April 1905 Coolgardie Paddy Murphy ran a ‘Shypoo’ (sly grog) ranch unbeknownst to the authorities. His establishment was always identified by Paddy’s favorite pet pig. Paddy could not read or write nor could his … [Continue reading]

The Goat Lady – Hilda Jarvis nee Jones

Hilda Jarvis

Hilda Jarvis (Nee Jones)  'The Goat Lady'.  This is a photo of her taken in 1990 by Roger Garwood and features in his book 'Off Like Flies'. I was lucky to meet both her and her son George. Towards the end of her life she had to move into town and … [Continue reading]

Whats in a Name – Street Names of Kalgoorlie Boulder

"Whats in a Name' Street Names of Kalgoorlie Boulder

The above publication was published in 1996 and was written by the late Mr E A Dawson. It give the origins of street names through Kalgoorlie Boulder. Here are a couple:- MARSHALL STREET, Piccadilly:- John Marshall was a member of the … [Continue reading]

When the Marvel Loch Mine Fell In

Back Row From left- Mick OBrien, Inspector Crabb, Frank Mazza, in front T Williams manager of the Marvel Loch Mine.

Recently Australia was shocked by the news that two men had lost their lives 500ft down a Broken Hill Mine. At the same time the name of Mazza appeared in the obituary notices of the local press. Probably it bore little significance to any but … [Continue reading]