Kunanalling – Ghost Town

Kunanalling -  Ghost Town Latitude 30 141’ S Longitude 121 04’ E    Now an abandoned townsite,  Kunanalling is located in what is now the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia 25 "miles" (32 Kms) from Coolgardie on the road that traversed the … [Continue reading]


How it was... In November 1893, Hannan’s leases were opening up. My mate and I were working on a shaft 30 feet deep when he called out for me to wind him up as he could not climb the ladder way. When on the brace I could see he was pretty bad … [Continue reading]

Fimiston School- school days

I took this photo of the one roomed school house at Fimiston a week before it was demolished to make way for the Super Pit expansion in 1997. It was situated next to the KCGM offices at the time. I would think. There were many of these one roomed … [Continue reading]

The Legend of Hell Fire Jack

There was the time that the brokers were negotiating for the purchase of Merton’s Reward Goldmine in 1902 arrived at Menzies by horse drawn buggy at 8pm after the train for Kalgoorlie had left. It was essential for them to reach Kalgoorlie before … [Continue reading]

Miners Memorial

Some of you may know of the Miners Memorial which has been in the pipeline for nearly a decade now.  I am proud to say that the completion is now in sight.  Finally the many people who have lost their lives in the quest for gold are now to be … [Continue reading]