Rolls of Honour

The Goldfields has many 'Rolls of Honour' from the Boer war through to the Vietnam war both in public places and in private building. This is a collection of some of the more hard to find rolls, listing those who fought and those who died.

Bannerman Bros Tobacconist –

Bannermans the tobacconist:-   MESSRS BANNERMAN BROS – 1901 The establishments that receive much attention and receive such deservedly at this festive season are the two fine shops of Messrs Bannerman Bros. This firm has kept in pace well with the growth of Kalgoorlie, and has helped very considerably towards making the character of tobacconists […]

Kanownas Anzac Story – by Robert Baugh

With the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, Kanowna, situated 18km north west of Kalgoorlie was a mining town in decline. The gold had not run out but big mining companies had lost faith or patience with the district and had closed their operations in 1912. The town’s population began drifting away and by the commencement of World War I, […]

Easter on the Woodline –

Sunday Times  10 April 1910, page 4 – By Crosscut Wilson  There was nothing out here in the bush to remind one that the holy season of Eastertide had arrived, except the entire absence of hot cross buns on Good Friday, and as every other day of the year is emphasised by the same peculiarity […]

South Kalgoorlie -How it came to be

Western Mail 26th Dec 1946 Ex-servicemen have banded together for a building project at Kalgoorlie The Housing Problem   –    Enterprise on the Goldfields        by K, Douglas DUE to the initiative and willingness of a band of ex servicemen, a model community centre is well under way to being completed at […]

The Buck Brothers – Goldfields Heros

The following is a brief story about two of our Tunnelling Heros from the Goldfields – Courtesy of John Reading of the Tunnllers.Org NOTE: Although all the brothers returned from Australia all died young the oldest being John at age 44yrs.  Do you have a tunneller in your family? You can search the nominal roll […]