The people of the Goldfields

The Goldfields of Western Australia was and still is made up of many people, from poets to politicians, from saints and sinners and everything in between. I hope to tell you the stories of some of these people either famous or infamous or just the ordinary folks. Sometime the most ordinary people do the most extraordinry things

The Money or the Wife ??? –

Kalgoorlie Western Argus (WA : 1896 – 1916), Tuesday 23 October 1900, page 25 MATRIMONIAL MISFITS  :    A lady, who after 17 years of connubial bliss, took it into her head to elope with a jockey, was charged with larceny of £70 from her lawful husband. The latter, it appears, was reconciled perfectly to the […]

Patrick Murphy – Ganger, Prospector and Bushman

One of the volunteers who assist me with researching the people on the Miners Memorial, Eric Chamberlain, came across the following story which I thought would be of interest. Patrick Murphy was a well know bushman and prospector in his own right, but it was his parents who first interested me in his  story. His […]

Boulder Central 1953- school days

The following photograph excellent and has been sent in by Elwyn Clement (nee Gansberg). Also she has been able to name all of the other children. Standard 3, 1953   :      Teacher – Mrs. Verna Brennan Back Row (from left) Edwin Grafton, Brian Bingley, Brian Harvey, David Wreford, Ian Baker, Roger Collie, Lee Cassidy, John […]

Then and Now – Goldfields Motor House

I just love these ‘Then and Now’ pics!! This is the Vissign Australia Building at 125 Boulder Road (across the road from McDonald). As you will see it hasn’t changed a bit since these photos were taken just after WW2 in 1945. They were sent in by Graeme Hickmott, whose father had the garage.  

Kids from North Kal – schools

The following photos were sent in by Ian Knight and are reproduced with his permission. He has given me all the names that he has gathered and would like to know if anyone can identify the missing children. Legend *          Agree that the person is the same in each photo so marked *          people at […]