The people of the Goldfields

The Goldfields of Western Australia was and still is made up of many people, from poets to politicians, from saints and sinners and everything in between. I hope to tell you the stories of some of these people either famous or infamous or just the ordinary folks. Sometime the most ordinary people do the most extraordinry things

A Most Determined Suicide – grave tales

While researching the names of all those buried in the Bardoc cemeteries, I came across this following death which I originally through may have been someone buried in Bardoc. Coolgardie Miner (WA : 1894 – 1911), Tuesday 5 March 1895, page 3   What seems to have been a most determined suicide, took place at […]

Lawlers Hospital

These wonderful photos have just been sent in by Mary Forward. Her Grandmother’s sister Emily Mann (seen on right)  was the Matron at the Lawlers Hospital from 1898 to 1899. In her off duty time.

Reminiscences of Kathleen Mary Byrth

The following story is with the kind permission of Kathleen’s family, in particular thanks Kevin Smith and Robyn McLean. Some of the photographs have been loaned by Peter – the older of the tworobbos where indicated. THE SMITH/DUDLEY FAMILY AT BARDOC, W.A. Reminiscences of Kathleen Mary Byrth (nee Smith) On August 25 1893 Mary and […]

Marriage Superstitions:-

What month did you marry?  The Outlook is a bit grim for me !!! (: Married in January’s hoar and rime, widowed you’ll be before your prime. Married in February’s sleety weather, life you’ll tread in tune together. Married in March winds shrill and roar, your home will lie on a foreign shore. Married ‘neath […]

The Legends of ‘Hellfire Jack’

From: The Countryman, 1st Sept 1950 – There was the time that the brokers who were negotiating to purchase the Merton’s Reward Goldmine in 1902 arrived at Menzies by horse drawn buggy at 8pm, after the train for Kalgoorlie had left. It was essential for them to reach Kalgoorlie before midnight when the option on […]