The people of the Goldfields

The Goldfields of Western Australia was and still is made up of many people, from poets to politicians, from saints and sinners and everything in between. I hope to tell you the stories of some of these people either famous or infamous or just the ordinary folks. Sometime the most ordinary people do the most extraordinry things

Double Tragedy at Kalgoorlie – grave tales

Truth (Perth, WA : 1903 – 1931), Saturday 28 December 1912, page 3 Double Tragedy at Kalgoorlie.      “She Smiled, said “Hello, Curly” and Died” In our last issue appeared a brief account of the terrible double tragedy, which happened at Kalgoorlie on the previous Thursday, in the yard at the back of the […]

Off to the Boer War:-

Goldfields Men in the Boar War:- “The West Australian 6 Apr 1901′ THE SIXTH CONTINGENT  –  AT KARRAKATTA CAMP. At last the members of the Sixth Contingent have been supplied with uniforms. On Thursday evening these were delivered, and yesterday each man was handed his khaki-coloured clothes. The men were paraded in their uniforms […]

Andrew (Andy) Campbell – people profile

His life as a gold miner and union leader on the goldfields of Western Australia 1860 to 1930 Following is an abstract from a book titled: A Challenging Life – The Life of Andrew (‘Andy’) Campbell J.P. (1860-1930), written in 2017 by his grandson, Ian Campbell, and available online at the following link – Andrew […]

A Token of Esteem – John J Victor

  Presented to J J Victor Esq (Pictured centre) Secretary As a token of esteem by the members of the Boulder Amateur Swimming Club. 1911 Presented to J J Victor Esq (Pictured centre) Secretary J (John George) Cosson President T Carberry Captain and Instructor T Jenkins Judge G Stevenson – Starter A Shea – Prop […]

Swearin ‘n’ Spittin – by Arthur Dunstan

Swearin ‘n’ Spittin – Kalgoorlie Goldminers were a great bunch of blokes. Their work was hard and dangerous and most of them spent their leisure time in one of the 37 pubs. They drank beer as if it was their last day on earth. Sometimes unfortunately it was. Besides living from day to day, the […]