Strange Happenings – grave tales

I have to admit that I have spent quite a bit of time wandering around cemeteries, as I am sure many of you will admit to as well. My children as well have accompanied me on may of these visits and they became very good at finding names for me. My mother assured me that […]

No Good at Sewing –

The old timer was sitting among the pots and pans in orderly array outside his little camp, he was skewering a startling blue patch to a pair of trousers. ‘Can I do it for you?” asked the young lady visitor with a smile. He regarded her solemnly over his spectacles, then, ‘Thank ye kindly,” he […]

The Picnic – tragedy in the great drought

The day dawned still and sure, as the first day might have dawned. No wind whispered across the white dust. This was a day like any other. But she knew it was not! By Frannie HOPKIRK The woman had slept fitfully through the hot night. Her slumber the shallow sad unrest of one tormented by life, […]

Mystery Box – in the Gala Annual Show!

I came across this following photograph dated 20 Sep 1900 and immediately thought that the wooden item in the top of the display looked very much like the case which held the petition for separation from the rest of Western Australia. Im not sure if they were the makers of the box but it looks […]

Did she fall or was she pushed? – Annie Solly

Life for a single woman on the Goldfields of Western Australia could be very hard. Annie Solly seems to have been a young woman who could look after herself and she appeared in the newspapers several times for things such as drunk and disorderly. On New Years Day 1902 she was arrested and charged 10 […]