How Green Was My Face – a verse

How Green was my Face refers to the first showcase in the use of ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil)  for blasting in Kalgoorlie by ICI.  It was at an open cut on the Percy Lease – not far from the Goldfields High School.  The blast was overly successful and flying rock landed on the […]

Camooweal Billabong – a verse

Camooweal Billabong –   by Ray Jackson:- A hot dry wind came from the south so constant and so strong I had to stop so looked and found a shaded billabong I knew at once this special place had a story it would tell so there I camped to sit a while and give myself […]

At the Tug-O-War – by Henry Lawson

’Twas in a tug-of-war where I—the guvnor’s hope and pride— Stepped proudly on the platform as the ringer on my side; Old dad was in his glory there—it gave the old man joy To fight a passage through the crowd and barrack for his boy. A friend came up and said to me, ‘Put out […]

He Had So Much Work To Do – a verse by Henry Lawson

Another favourite verse from the pen of Henry Lawson Tell a simple little story of a settler in the West, Where the soldier birds and farmers, and selectors never rest While the sun shines—and they often work in rainy weather, too: But it’s all about a young man who had so much work to do. […]

The Desert Secret – a verse by Jules Raeside

There’s a shaker up the gully, There’s a paddock partly stripped And a shovel, pick and dishes lying round And a little heap of tailings Lying underneath the sieves And a heap of hopper stones upon the ground. But the hand that shook the shaker Never more will raise a ‘run’, O’er the ripples of […]