Our Boys – a verse

OUR BOYS. Out to the West, with its golden tale, They steal off one by one, And some will prosper, and some will fail In the land of the setting sun. You take with you, boys, our best goodwill Good luck in the Golden West We’ll meet when you’re gone and think of you still, […]

Hurrah for Old Coolgardie! – a verse

The Gold Seekers halted at Southern Cross, Western Australia in 1888 and from there the ‘break through’ into the desert was one of the hardest tasks in the history of Australian prospecting. The optimism and courage of the diggers are reflected in ‘Hurrah for Old Coolgardie’! Hurrah! for old Coolgardie, All true men brave and […]

The Glass on the Bar – by Henry Lawson

The Glass on the Bar Three bushmen one morning rode up to an inn, And one of them called for the drinks with a grin; They’d only returned from a trip to the North, And, eager to greet them, the landlord came forth. He absently poured out a glass of Three Star. And set down […]

HANNAN’S FIND – a verse by Crissouli

Today we have a guest post by Chris Goopy, my thanks to her. HANNAN’S FIND  ’twas but a simple Irish man Paddy Hannan was his name he’d left his home in far off Quin to find his fortune and his fame. First he went to Melbourne then to New Zealand he did go but then […]

The Bulletin Hotel – by Henry Lawson

I was drifting in the drizzle past the Cecil in the Strand Which, I’m told is very tony – and its front looks very grand And somehow fell a-thinking of a pub I know so well Of a place in West Australia called The Bulletin Hotel Just a little six-room shanty built of corrugated tin […]