Up on old Coolgardie – a verse

Ye who’ve done your pioneering Up on old Coolgardie Little caring, nothing fearing Honest men and hardy Ye who blazed the Golden Track In the wake of Bayley. Pushing to the Outer Back Gallantly and Gaily Ye who crossed the raging foam Taking risks and all in Good Bye speeding you from home and the […]

In the Future – a verse

In The Future    –    by Prospect Good Oh what will the bush bards sing in time When the digging days are done? When the roaring times have been sung in rhymes The yarns of the past all spun? When there’s no new field to rush and work And never a camp fire gleams […]

His Quest – a verse

His Quest. by Dryblower Murphy 1926 It was out beyond the Bulong track we met him swagging in, He was middle-aged and ginger, haggard-eyed and famine-thin; And while he munched some damper and a pannikin of tea, He asked us if we thought he’d catch the Perth express at three. There was not a watch […]

Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of Coolgardie -a verse

author: tony mate bozich the track I walk along the beaten track to old Coolgardie town where pioneers trudged in earliest days with grim but hopeful frown, the asphalt whispers, murmurs low, my mind is all unhearing, I think about the men who slogged through bush and heat all searing. ****** the discovery of Coolgardie […]

How Green Was My Face – a verse

How Green was my Face refers to the first showcase in the use of ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil)  for blasting in Kalgoorlie by ICI.  It was at an open cut on the Percy Lease – not far from the Goldfields High School.  The blast was overly successful and flying rock landed on the […]