Darlot Rose Bowl

This beautiful rose bowl was won by Carl Pederson who is the grandfather of Peter Wright who sent in the photo and who has this wonderful heirloom. Inscription on one side is:- The Lawlers & Darlot Cup Won by Lawlers Rifle Club Scoring 213 points Sept 1903        Oct 1902       515 Points On the other side […]

Darlot Update – the cemetery

Following up from the recent post on Darlot I would like to now add the cemetery details which will be also on the Outback Family History page for Darlot:- “The exodus out East has been attended by sad results to at least seven of the hardy pioneers. Among those who have fallen victim to the […]

Leonora Snapshot – death from despair

This is the second snapshot of biographies from the Leonora Cemetery. As in the previous post it covers from 1902 to early 1911. In this time there were 12 suicides:- Suicide was quite a common thing in the early days on the goldfields. Men, and a few women, who find themselves in a state of […]

Leonora Snapshot – all the little children

I have just completed my first batch of biographies on the people who are buried in the Leonora Cemetery. Every cemetery provides a social and family history snapshot of the town where its located. Accident and disease show no favorites. I hope that this small section of deaths will provide a good example to compare […]

Darlot – ghost town

Mr L A Wells, a member of the ‘Elder Exploring Expedition of 1891’ discovered Lake Darlot on the 6th March 1892. The Lake was named after Leonard Hawthorn Darlot, pastoralist, one of the three sons of H R H Darlot, who purchased a station property call ‘Berringarra’ in the Murchison district in 1882. Darlot was […]