Paddington’s Old Cemetery – a verse

In Kalgoorlie’s north, away out in the scrub Where nobody’s shoulders you’re likely to rub On an old winding track one scarcely could see Well hidden by bush is an old cemetery. And those lonely old graves with headstones of white Would appear to be ghosts should you pass by at night. Here graves are […]

A Token of Esteem – John J Victor

  Presented to J J Victor Esq (Pictured centre) Secretary As a token of esteem by the members of the Boulder Amateur Swimming Club. 1911 Presented to J J Victor Esq (Pictured centre) Secretary J (John George) Cosson President T Carberry Captain and Instructor T Jenkins Judge G Stevenson – Starter A Shea – Prop […]

Drawn to Mt Magnet

As you will know we have done some recent ‘snapshop’ posts on various town such as Leonora and Abbotts. I had at first decided to review each town page on the OFH web site in alphabetical order but thats a bit dull don’t you think?? So I’m now jumping to Mt Magnet for no other […]

A Lost and Desolate Wanderer –

Evening Journal, Adelaide, 30 January 1894           A Terrible Experience at Coolgardie. A well-known and respected resident of Kent Town has received a letter from his son, who recently went to Coolgardie from Adelaide, from which the following is extracted :— “On December 24 and 25 (Merry Christmas Day) I was dying, […]

Abbotts – ghost town

There are over 200 towns from the Goldfields on the Outback Family History web site and I have commenced to upgrading each one with new information and photographs, and this weeks ‘Feature Town’ is Abbotts.  You may not have heard of it before now, but it’s an abandoned town in the Murchison region of the […]