Then and Now – Goldfields Motor House

I just love these ‘Then and Now’ pics!! This is the Vissign Australia Building at 125 Boulder Road (across the road from McDonald). As you will see it hasn’t changed a bit since these photos were taken just after WW2 in 1945. They were sent in by Graeme Hickmott, whose father had the garage.  

Maninga Marley – ghost town

The outback mining centre of Maninga Marley is situated some 620 miles north-east of Perth. The Maninga Marley Gold Mine, from which the place takes its name, was found 9 years ago by prospectors Arundel and Dwyer. (In 1906)  Since its discovery, this little mining centre has turned out over £200,000 worth of gold, and […]

Time Lapse – then and now

Kalgoorlie Cemetery gates, first photo taken today and the second c 1950, which do you prefer???  

Lennonville – Snapshot

Lennonville is a derelict town in Western Australia near the town of Mount Magnet, established in 1898 Lennonville was gazetted in 1896, after gold having been found two years earlier at the location by prospectors Lennon and Palmer. At the peak of its existence, at the turn of the 20th century, the town had a population […]

Schools – Kalgoorlie and Boulder

Schools – listing of locations    –   Geoffrey Higham Kalgoorlie – Boulder ALL HALLOWS CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL  Closed 30° 46.8′     ***** 121° 29.1′     ***** Established in 1911. Closed  in 1913. Address: Wittenoom St Boulder WA. Catholic BOULDER CENTRAL SCHOOL –  Renamed 30° 46.8′ 121° 29.3′ Renamed thus in 1909. Renamed to BOULDER PRIMARY SCHOOL. Address: Lane […]