About Outback Family History

Outback Family History was founded in 2009 by Sandy Duncan and Moya Sharp. The aim was simple, to make the local and family history on the rich and diverse Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia available to everyone free of charge.

The web site was originally called "And All So Far From Home" and this site was left to me by my dear friend and fellow researcher Shyama Peebles, you can read more about this on my 'Acknowledgements' page.

When my good friend and research partner Sandy Duncan passed away after a long and brave fight against cancer in 2012 I promised her I would carry on the work. I now continue to carry on without my two closest friends. Of all the extensive information contained in the site at this moment the amount of data still to add makes it only the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to the wonderful work of 'Design Sense' in making my site look and work wonderfully I can now concentrate all my effort on new information for the site and my blog.

The upkeep of the site relies solely on sponsored advertising and donations. The use of the information is free to everyone for personal or research purposes. I am committed to continuously add new information and to actively seek out new records and to provide a permanent source of reference to everyone with a common interest in the history of the goldfields.

Its the Blog’s Fourth Birthday today!!!

Wow, four years and 449 blog posts, you might like to see the posts that were the 10 most popular:- The Kalgoorlie Cemetery Records http://www.outbackfamilyhistoryblog.com/2014/08/24/kalgoorlie-cemetery-records-d/ Tin Dog Hut at Bulong http://www.outbackfamilyhistoryblog.com/2014/10/05/tin-dog-hut-bulong/ Not Just a President Wife – Lou H Hoover http://www.outbackfamilyhistoryblog.com/2015/01/11/not-just-presidents-wife-lou-henry-hoover/ Hilda Jarvis – Goat Lady http://www.outbackfamilyhistoryblog.com/2015/05/18/the-goat-lady-hilda-jarvis-nee-jones/ When the Marvel Loch Fell In http://www.outbackfamilyhistoryblog.com/2015/05/17/when-the-marvel-loch-mine-fell-in/ The […]

Queenslanders in Western Australia – by Shauna Hicks

This weeks ‘Guest Post’ is from the well known family and local history researcher and writer Shauna Hicks. I have been a follower of Shaunas for several years and have enjoyed many of her articles. You can follow Shauna on:- http://www.shaunahicks.com.au/ or her blog at  -http://diaryofanaustraliangenealogist.blogspot.com.au/ Queenslanders in Western Australia You can find ancestors just about […]

My Blog is three years old !!!

I can’t believe it is three years since my very first post. Now three years later and 277 posts on here we are. I must say that I absolutely love searching for new stories to tell and often, well most of the time actually, I end up writing about something compleatly different to what I […]

Can you help Outback Family History???

  Hi Everyone!  Are any readers ‘Booktopia’ customers or ‘Ancestry.com’ members??  When you log on to these pages it would be a huge assistance to Outback Family History if you could log on through the Outback Family History blog page:- @ www.outbackfamilyhistoryblog.com             This won’t make any difference to any […]

Happy Birthday to my Blog

    Just a quick post to say I have only just realised that this is the second anniversary of the start of my blog. I have learnt a whole heap of things I didn’t know then, just ask my son!! 157 posts later and looking forward to the next year.  So many stories to […]