Western Australian AIF, WW2- Killed in Action

The following men from the Goldfields were killed in action in WW2. The photographs are not great but if anyone would like a scan do let me know. Below are two examples of the images.

ARCHER N W R Kalgoorlie Infantry
BECK Pte A Kalgoorlie Infantry

Pte C S Collins, Agnew Infantry

BENDALL Pte A Balgarri Infantry
CALEY Pte M M Leonora Infantry
COLLINS Pte C S Agnew Infantry
DOWLING Pte W G Kalgoorlie Artilery
DUFFY Pte P L Kalgoorlie Infantry
EVANS Pte W J Kalgoorlie Infantry
FLANAGAN Sgt G E T Kalgoorlie Infantry
GRAFFIN Pte F Kalgoorlie Infantry
HAGLAND Pte O Broad Arrow Infantry
HAMMOND Pte P G Kalgoorlie Infantry
HEARNE Pte C B Kalgoorlie Infantry
HUGHES Sig R T Kalgoorlie Signallers
IRELAND Pte T S Southern Cross Infantry
LEATHLEAN Pte W E Boulder Infantry
MANNING Pte C W Youanmi Infantry
MILLET Pte E Kalgoorlie Infantry
MILLER Cpl J W Kalgoorlie Infantry
MOODY Pte H D Southern Cross Infantry

Pte M M Caley, Leonora Infantry

MOOREY L Cpr R C Kalgoorlie Infantry
MUIR Pte R Kalgoorlie Infantry
OTTAWAY Pte L F Youanmi Infantry
REDDEN Pte W E Coolgardie Infantry
REED Pte R T Laverton Infantry
REID Pte F Boulder Infantry
SADLIER A/L/Cprl J C Kalgoorlie Infantry
STEWART Pte W E Kalgoorlie Infantry
TAYLOR Pte T Kalgoorlie Infantry
SAYERS Pte G J Kalgoorlie Artillery
VEALE Gnr H Kalgoorlie Artillery
WEARNE Pte W J Reedy Infantry
WILLOUGHBY A/Cpr T R Kalgoorlie Infantry
YOUNG Pte R M Kalgoorlie Infantry

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