Lawlers Cemetery – Snapshot – The Irish

Over the next few days I will be publishing the results of my work on the update of the  Lawlers Cemetery records and photos.  I have been careful editing and researching for the past three weeks. This cemetery is quite small, with only 164 burials. Like all cemeteries, it’s a snapshot of the people who made up this small community and among the graves are many a family tragedy. I have endeavored to do a short biography on each of the people with as much information as I can find. If anyone has anything to add or notice any errors do let me know.

In these snapshots I have selected the following to feature (the full list of the burials will be on the OFH web site at the end of these articles).

The Little Ones – all infants under 2 yrs.
Mining Deaths – the main occupation in town
Suicides – A Tale of despair

The Irish – The large number of Irish born people in the cemetery  :  19 Burials

DOOHAN  Thomas d 17 November 1901  Great Eastern Hotel, Lawlers,  Aged 47 years Occ:- Storekeeper,  Cause-Acute Alcoholism, born Kilrush, Co Clare, Ireland In WA 10yrs, Single

DUNN  James d 11 April 1908  Aged 42 years Kathleen GM near Lawlers, Occ:- Millman, Cause:- Fracture of the skull in accident at the Kathleen GM, Inquest held 22 Apr 1908, Father:- James DUNN (Farmer) Mother:- Elizabeth LEMON, Born Co Tyrone ,Ireland  Mine accident

FLETCHER Thomas d 29 Jun 1910, Lawlers Hospital, 30yrs, Occ:- Labourer, Cause:- Peritonitis from an accident while returning to his camp on the 12 Jun, Father:- Edward FLETCHER (Bootmaker) Mother:- Bridget KENNEDY, In SA 20yrs, in WA 8yrs, Born Ireland, Single.

GROGAN  Margaret d 31 Mar 1905  Aged 27 years, Housewife, Cause:- Tuberculosis, Father:- Patrick FOLEY (Cattle Dealer) Mother:- Esther GROGAN Born Cashel, Tipperary Ireland, in WA 6yrs, Married to John GROGAN in Cashel Tipperary Ireland at age 21yrs. Children:- Patrick John 3 yrs.

HICKEY David d 15 Aug 1896 in Park Street Lawler’s Occ:- Horse Driver 56 yrs Cause:- General debility born Ireland in QLD 39yrs in WA 2 yrs

KEANE  Thomas d 1 February 1904  Aged 28 years, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Injuries received through accidentally falling from a bakers cart, Verdict of the Coroner,  Father:- John KEANE (Farmer), Mother:- Norah FOLEY Born Co Kerry, Ireland, 8yrs in WA

McALEER  Katie d 7 March 1911, Clifton Street, Lawlers, Married woman, Cause:- Gastric carcinoma, Aged 50 years Father:- Patrick RODDY (Farmer) Mother:- Catherine PRIOR Born Co Leitrim Ireland, In NSW 2yrs in WA 19yrs, Married to Patrick McALEER in NSW at 28yrs
Children:- Kathleen 20yrs, Charles 17yrs, J????? 15yrs, Rose 13yrs.

Katie McAleer

Katie McALEER Kalgoorlie Western Argus 14 March 1911, page 12

Katie McALEER Kalgoorlie Western Argus 14 March 1911, page 12










McCARTHY  Felix d 21 January 1912, Surface, Northern Mines Limited Lawlers, Occ:- Contractor, Cause:- Crushed by 150 tons of slime at the Northern GM,   Aged 32 years  Father:- James McCARTHY (Farmer) Mother:- Julia O’NEIL, born Co Cork, Ireland, 10yrs in WA, Single.

McCarthy Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 1 February 1912, page 2

McCarthy Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 1 February 1912

McCAUSLAND Claudius d 17 Aug 1899 Great Eastern Mine Lawlers Occ:- Refreshment Room Keeper Cause:- Chronic Dysentery Father:- James McCAUSLAND (Farmer) Mother Betty  at age 42 years in  born:- Moyle Hill Newtown Stewart Co Tyrone Ireland In SA 30yrs Port Augusta SA In WA 4 yrs Married to Jane ANDERSON

McDONALD  Arthur, d 20 May 1905, Lawlers Hospital,   Aged 28 years, Cause:- Typhoid Fever, Father:- John McDONALD Born Castle comer Killkenny, Ireland, Single.

McKEEFRY  James Henry,  d 4 February 1903  Aged 33 years Occ:- Hotelkeeper, Cause:- Alcoholism,  Father:- Peter McKEEFRY (Farmer)  Mother:- Mary HENRY, born Londonderry, Ireland, 2yrs in VIC, 11yrs in WA, Married to Sarah Teresa O’TOOLE, no children

mckeefry Western Mail 14 February 1903

McKeefry J H  Western Mail 14 February 1903

McNEIL  Patrick d 13 September 1901 The Rose Hotel, Lawlers, Aged 45 years Cause:- Injuries self inflicted in the region of the heart during temporary insanity, Verdict of Coroner, Born Co Antrim Ireland, in NSW some years
MILLIGAN  Mary Ann d 3 February 1911, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 70 years Cause:- Senile decay, Father:- Charles HAMILTON (Bootmaker) Mother:- Susan JOHNSTONE, Born Ireland, in WA 34yrs, Married twice: First in Scotland to Richard STANCLIFFE? In Scotland John MILLIGAN Children:- (which marriage not stipulated) Susan 48yrs, Sarah 38yrs, Rachel 34yrs, Annie 32yrs, Maggie 27yrs, James 25yrs.

MOLONEY  Bryan, d 12 July 1918, Lawlers Hotel, Clifton Street, Lawlers, 79yrs, Occ:- Retired Civil Servant. Cause:- Senile Decay, Father:- David MOLONEY (Farmer) Mother:- Helen MCMAHON Born Co Clare Ireland, in VIC 48yrs, in WA 10yrs, Married to Bridget RUANE in Melbourne VIC at age 26yrs, Children:- Mary 53,Patrick 40, Joseph ?,

OCONNOR  Edmond d 19 Nov 1925,  Water Reserve Corboy’s Find Wiluna, Occ:- Prospector, Aged 57 years, Cause:- by falling down a well, no evidence of how the accident occurred, ( Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Peter O’CONNOR (Farmer) Mother:- Johanna HOGAN. Born Knockanore Co Waterford, Ireland

OCONNOR  Peter C  d 8 Dec 1926, Lawlers,  Aged 56 years, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Phthisis, Father:- Peter OCONNOR (Farmer) Mother:- Johanna HOGAN, Born Co Waterford, Ireland, In WA 30yrs, Single.

PRATT  George  d 9 June 1908, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 36 years, Cause:- Regurgitation, Father:- George PRATT (Weaver) Mother:- Ann McMANN Born Co Clare, Ireland, In SA 15yrs, in WA 12yrs, Married to Anne SAUNDERS in Coolgardie WA at age 29yrs. No Children.

RUSSELL  Matthew d 27 February 1904, Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Heart Failure,  Aged 67 years Born Cardiff, Co Antrim, Ireland  Single.

WINTERS  John d 22 September 1903  Aged 38 years Lawlers Hospital, Occ:-  Miner  Father:- William WINTERS (Farmer) Mother:- Helen DALEY ,Born Cork Ireland In Wa 6yrs, Single

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