Men of the Lake View & Star – NEWS !!!!!!!

Men of the Lake View & Star 1903

Men of the Lake View & Star 1903


It’s finally up and running. The very first stage of the records of the Lake View and Star project is finally online and able to be searched.  This massive data entry project has taken some time, as you can imagine, the bulk of the records have been transcribed by Criena Fitzgerald, but we would like to thank the others who have contributed and who are still helping.

This first release is just over 12,000 records. This is from 12,000+ individual cards. As we received the cards in no particular order we enter as we go so if you don’t find your relative in this release he (or she) may be in the next issue.

These cards provide a valuable insight into not just the working history of one of the largest Gold mines in Western Australia, but also show a widely diverse social history of people from all over the world coming to the Goldfields of Western Australia for a better life.  The information in these records is something that will not be found elsewhere. So far the earliest date of birth we have found is of a British man, Robert James BELL, who was born in 1848. The exact data collected on these cards varies as the years go by and new cards were used but the sort of information in general is:-

Full name, Date of Birth, Nationality,occupation, address, postal address, Mines Workers Relief cards, Lodge, Doctor, Union, Marital status, children or any other dependants such as mother or sister. Also contained among these records is what we believe to be the only complete record of ‘Tributing Parties’ from 1924 to about 1935 showing the full details of each man but also the tributing party he belonged to. Some were just teams of two and other had up to 10 members. These provided valuable information that men from all nationalities worked together in groups. As the details on these cards is slightly different they will be included on a different page.

Lake View Miners

Lake View Miners

Things you need to know:-

First Upload – 1st Dec  2017 = 12,150 cards

1.One person may have several cards and records. This is because he may have left and returned to the mine on several occasions which was very common. His particulars could have changed such as address or occupation.

2. The spelling of names on each card may vary especially do to language problems and by the names people were known by so Giuseppe  one card could be Joe on another.

3. It is common for fathers and sons to work on the same mine so care needs to be taken for those with the same surname.

4. Where there is no Date of Birth there is usually an age to that the date of birth can be calculated from the starting date.

5. We will be adding new records and the project proceeds, we will keep you up to date on new uploads through the WAVMM blog.

5. Unfortunately we are not able to give the cards to any family members as they remain the property of Barrack Gold.

As with all the records on this site we aim to be as accurate as possible but with hand written records this is not always possible.

As always everything on this site is free for you to copy for your own records.

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My name is Moya Sharp, I live in Kalgoorlie Western Australia and have worked most of my adult life in the history/museum industry. I have been passionate about history for as long as I can remember and in particular the history of my adopted home the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. Through my website I am committed to providing as many records and photographs free to any one who is interested in the family and local history of the region.


  1. Graeme Sisson says:

    Great news Moya, I await with baited breath as I think I have a few here -maybe – hopefully 🙂
    Regards Graeme

  2. An amazing resource Moya.

  3. Wendy Bloomfield says:

    Fantastic! Another resource to use and share!

  4. Calvin Leighton says:

    Thanks Mona, fantastic


    It gives my grandfather Cecil Clyde Opie as being British, though he was born in Perth. His siblings born in Perth, W.A. Goldfields, Broken Hill N.S.W and Walleroo South Australia. His father came from Cornwall. My great great uncle Thomas Percy Cavanagh (not related to Cecil) was listed as Australian and born in South Australia.

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