Burbanks People – town snapshot

The Alford Family

Thomas Hugh and Sarah Jane ALFORD nee DALY settled in Burbanks some time before 1904. Their eldest recorded child, Thomas William (born 1907), was a 10 year old child at the Burbanks school in 1918. Benetta Lydia (born 1910) two years later and two years after her Frederick George (born 1912). The above family portrait includes two sons and two daughters, thus presumably dates to about 1907, the baby in Sarah’s arms is Thomas William. The electoral rolls for 1921 list Helena May (born 1899)  as a shop assistant living in Bayley Street, Coolgardie: she was there for presumably their eldest daughter (far right of photo). The 1923 electoral roll shows Annie Lillian (born 1901), a housemaid at the Denver City Hotel in Coolgardie, probably the second daughter (center of photo). The third child was Charles Hugh (born 1903)  (far left of photo). Another son, Victor Daniel was born to the family in 1917 while they were still at Burbanks.

Burbanks Football Club 1913
This photograph shows Thomas Alford on the far left of the back row. He look like he was an official of the club rather than a player. The six years between these two photos has shown him as having aged somewhat and he has progressed socially. In the 1915 electoral rolls he describes himself as a miner but by 1915 the Post Office Directories describe him as a Mine Owner. He was part owner of Lease No:- 4460/12. In March of 1915 he submitted 82 ozs of gold, worth £315, to the bank.  By the mid 1920’s he and Sarah finally left Burbanks and the 1927 electoral roll describes him as a labourer living in Lindsay Street, Coolgardie.

Burbanks Football Team 1913

Burbanks Football Team 1913

Burbanks did not have its own cemetery so any burials took place in nearby Coolgardie. The following are the burials of Burbanks people in Coolgardie Cemetery:-


ALNWICK Charles                                                            d 25 Nov 1901,                  29yrs
Occ:- Miner, Cause:- being struck by a timber in the Lady Robinson GM, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Thomas ALNWICK (Auctioneer) Mother:- Annie MULLAND, born NSW, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 110/1901

AUSTEE Mary                                                                     d 28 Apr 1905,                   7 days,
Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- John Charles Morgan AUSTEE (Miner) Mother:- Mary Ravely LONSDALE, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

BANKS John                                                                       d 17 Jun 1902,                   43yrs
Occ:- Engine Driver, Cause:-  Being caught in the machinery of the Burbank’s Birthday Gift GM, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Robert Brown BANKS (Collier) Mother:- Annabella BALLANTINE, born Stevenston Scotland, In NSW 8yrs, in WA 9yrs, Married to Annie BOYD in Stevenston Scotland at age 22yrs, Children:- Robert 19yrs, Mary 18yrs, Nellie 13 yrs, Thomas 10yrs, Annie 7yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 50/1902

BRADY Johanna,                                                              d 11 Nov 1902,                  39yrs,
Cause:- Embolism of heart, Father:- Daniel WAGNER (Farmer) Mother:- Catherine MACKINALLY, born SA, In SA 34yrs, in NSW 3 yrs, in WA 2yrs, Married to Philip BRADY in Broken Hill NSW at age 26yrs, Children:- Daniel 9yrs, Philip Thomas 4 yrs, James Joseph 2yrs, Fanny and Catherine Johanna 30hrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 88/1902

BOLTON George                                                               d 29 Nov 1902    ,               42yrs
Occ:- Miner, Cause Phthisis, Father:- Joseph BOLTON (Miner) Mother:- Rachel FOSTER, born Dudley Northumberland England, In NSW 9yrs, in WA 7yrs, Married to Elizabeth PARKER in Lambton NSW at age 29yrs, Children:- Malster George William 2yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 92/1902

BENNETT Daniel                                                               d 19 Sep 1899,                   37yrs,
Cause:- Burns. Occ:- Carpenter, Father:- John BENNETT (Warder) Mother:- Mary CUNNINGHAM,  and born Sydney NSW, In NSW and VIC 3 mths in WA 1 mth, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

BOAG Robert Henry                                                       d 30 Aug 1900                    3yrs
Cause:- Broncho Pneumonia, Father:- Robert Paterson BOAG (Miner) Mother:- Maud Arabella WILD, born New Zealand, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 88/1900

BOASE John  d                                                                   7 Mar 1902,                        20yrs
Occ:- Woodcutter, Cause:- Enteric Fever, Father:- William BOASE (Miner) Mother Lucy COLSON, born Daylesford VIC in VIC 20yrs in WA  8mths, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

BRYCE male child,                                                           d 1 Feb 1904                       Stillborn
Father:- William Dougald BRYCE (Miner) Mother:- Maud Mary ARTHUR, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

CLARKE Alexander                                                          26 Dec 1908                        4 days
Cause:- Heat, Father:- Arthur CLARKE (Miner), Mother:- Anais RIVIERA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

CLARKE Sarah    d 14 Dec 1899,  15mths,  Cause:- Burns, Father:- Robert Chusly CLARK (miner) Mother:- Mary Ann COFFEY, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

CLARKE William                                                               d 5 Jan 1908                        11mths
Cause:- Diarrhoea, Father:- Arthur CLARKE (Miner) Mother:- Anais RIVIERE, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

COCKBURN male child                                                   24 Feb 1902                        Stillborn
Father:- James Wylie COCKBURN (Miner) Mother:- Sarah Ann MURRAY, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 18/1902

DELFS Henrich Victor William                                    d 4 Jun 1919                        33yrs
Died at the Birthday Gift GM Burbanks, Occ:- Labourer, Father:- Henrich DELFS (Merchant) Mother:- Alma HEMMERMAN, born Hamburg Germany, 12 yrs in WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.
(see www.wavmm.com)

DUNSTAN Elizabeth                                                       d 14 Aug 1903                    10yrs
At Grand Junction, Burbanks, Cause:- Diptheria, Father:- Samuel DUNSTAN (Carpenter) Mother:- Jane ????, born Cohuna VIC, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

ELLIS James                                        d 8 Feb 1898                       52yrs
Cause:- Miners Phthisis, Father:- William ELLIS (Miner) Mother:- Cordelia ROBERTS, Born St Just, Cornwall England, in WA 2yrs 6mths, Married to Mary WHITE in Bendigo VIC at age 25yrs, Children:- Cordelia Jane 24yrs, Huberta Mary 18yrs, William John 16yrs, buried in the Wesleyan Section Coolgardie Cemetery.

FITZPATRICK Joseph                                                       d 14 Dec 1903                    1hour
Cause:- Premature, Father:- Henry FITZPATRICK (Miner) Mother:- Emma Jane BUCK, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

FREEMAN Ethel                                                                 d 19 Aug 1900                    22mths
Cause:- Pneumonia, Father:- William FREEMAN (Miner) Mother:- Elizabeth Ann OWEN, born Smiths Mill, WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 82/1900

FREEMAN Walter                                                            4 Oct 1908                           1 mth
Cause:- Convulsions, Father:- William FREEMAN (Miner) Mother:- Elizabeth Ann OWEN, born Burbank’s WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

GEMMELL Jessie Lilian Edna                                        d 31 May 1904                   16mths
Cause:- Broncho Pneumonia, Father:- Stewart GEMMELL (Labourer) Mother:- Katherine McKNIGHT, born Broken Hill NSW, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

GRAINGER child               male                                                     d 27 Jun 1901                     Stillborn
Died Coolgardie, Father:- Richard GRAINGER (Miner) Mother:- Jane Park CAMERON, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

GRANTHAM female child                                             d 10 Jul 1906                       Stillborn
Father:- Charles Joel GRANTHAM (Miner) Mother:- Elizabeth June FREEMAN, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

GRANTHAM Myrtle                                                        d 20 Oct 1905                     5weeks
Cause:- Broncho pneumonia, Father:- Charles Joel GRANTHAM (Miner) Mother:- Elizabeth June FREEMAN, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

GREEN Walter James                                                     8 Apr 1907                           1 month
Cause:- Jaundice, Father:- William Henry GREEN (Miner) Mother:- Clara Elizabeth CRUDACE, born Burbanks WA, buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

HART Frank   d 15 Feb 1900, 33 yrs,   Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Typhoid Fever, Parents unknown, born Paramatta NSW, In NSW 29yrs, In WA 3yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

HEPBURN Robert Denis                                                d 13 Feb 1908                     30yrs
Cause:- Killed by a fall of earth in the Birthday Gift GM, Burbanks, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- James HEPBURN (Book Keeper) Mother:- Fanny Caroline CHERRY, born Ballarat VIC in VIC 18yrs, in WA 6mths, Married to Caroline BOYD in Perth WA at age 21yrs, Children:- Hazel Daisy May 8yrs, Ivy Elsie Violet 6yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. (see www.wavmm.com)

HICKEY Thomas                                                                d 7 Jan 1899                        21yrs
Occ:- Blacksmith, Cause:- Aortic regurgitation, Father:- Thomas HICKEY (Blacksmith), Mother:- Eliza MILES, born Clunes VIC, In VIC 20yrs, in WA 6mths, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

HICKEY William Andrew                                                               d24 Nov 1898                    29yrs
Occ:- Blacksmith, Cause:- Typhoid, Father:- Thomas HICKEY (Blacksmith) Mother:- Eliza MILES, born Clunes VIC, in VIC 28yrs, in WA 1yr, Married to Mary Ann MORALEE in Clunes VIC at age 26yrs, Children:- Adelthia 4yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

HILLIER female child                                                       29 Mar 1907                       Stillborn
Father:- James William HILLIER (Miner) Mother:- Annie Mary HILL, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

HILLIER Heriodias                                                            d 2 Jan 1914                        67
Widow, Cause:- Intestinal cancer, Father:- William JORDAN (Carpenter) Mother:- Hannah BAKER, born Buckingham England, in NSW 50yrs, in WA 15 yrs, Married to William HILLIER in Muswellbrook, NSW at age 19yrs, Children:- James William 47, George Henry 43, Charles Richard 41, Albert 35, Ernest Alfred Reuben 34, Ada Emily 31, Herbert 29, Amos Walter 23 Deceased 2 males. Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

 HILLIER William                                                                 d 8 Oct 1905                       71yrs
Occ:- Sawyer, Cause:- Carcinoma of stomach, Father:- William HILLIER (Sawyer) Mother:- Sarah DEED, born Islington London England, in NSW 36yrs, in WA 12yrs, Married to Heriodias JORDAN  in Koyunga NSW at age 30yrs, Children:- James William 39yrs, George Henry 35, Charles Richard 33,  Albert 27, Ernest Alfred Reuben 26, Emily Ada 24, Herbert 21, Walter Amos 14. Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

HOBBA Gladys Francis                                                   d 21 May 1912                   9mths
Cause:- Acute enteritis, Father:- Henry Pascoe HOBBA (Miner) Mother: Annie SMALL, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

HOBBA Julia Ellen                                                            d 17 Apr 1913                     6days
Cause:- Cerebral pressure, Father:- Henry Pascoe HOBBA (Miner) Mother: Annie SMALL, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

HOLDING Ralph                                                                 d 1 Mar 1901                      52yrs
Occ:- Engine Driver, Cause:- Caught in belting while oiling machinery at the Birthday Gift Mine Burbanks, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- Thomas HOLDING (Contractor) Mother Elizabeth WINTER, born Liverpool England, In VIC 40yrs in WA 5yrs, Married to Mary GORDON in VIC at age 30yrs, Children:- Thomas Clive Winter 21yrs, Elizabeth Douglas 19yrs, Ralph Claud Gordon 14yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 22/1901

HERN Mary Olive                                                             d 23 Mar 1901                    9mths Cause:- Marasmus, Father:- Edward HERN (Miner) Mother:- Mary CURRY, Born WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 27/1901

JONES Florence Delia                                                     24 Nov 1905                        1yr
Cause:- Heat, Father:- Charles Henry JONES (Miner), Mother:- Mary CARMODY, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

JONES Mary Elizabeth Pretoria                                  d 29 mar 1903                    6mths
Cause:- Diarrhoea, Father:-  Richard Thomas Mann JONES (Hotelkeeper) Mother:- Mary Ethel CROWLEY, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

KENNEDY James Lawrence                                          d 11 Jun 1908                     36yrs
Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Self inflicted gunshot wound, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- George KENNEDY (Blacksmith) Mother:- Mary O’BRIEN, born Kilmore VIC, in VIC 24yrs, in WA 12yrs, Married to Catherine KIERCE? In Ballarat VIC at age 24yrs, Children:- James 10yrs, Francis 8yrs, Winnifred 1yr, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

LOCK Frank                                                                         27 May 1907                       49yrs
Cause:- Fell down mine shaft at the Birthday Gift GM. Father:- Aron LOCK (Carpenter) Mother:- Emma, born Adelaide SA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. (see www.wavmm.com)

LYONS male child                                                            d 18 Aug 1901                    Stillborn
Father:- Alfred LYONS (Miner) Mother:- Maggie TIERNEY, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 91/1901

MALONEY male child,                                                    d 8 Aug 1904                       Stillborn
Father:- Michael MALONEY (Butcher) Mother:- Kathleen O’CONNELL, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

McDONALD Rebecca Ann                                             d 17 May 1900                   34yrs
Cause:- Incomplete abortion, Father:- Joseph COUSINS (Miner) Mother:- Margaret DAVIES, born South Wales, England, in NSW 13yrs, in WA 2yrs, Married to Thomas McDONALD in Newcastle NSW at age 21yrs, Children:- Blodwen 12yrs, Thomas 10yrs, Margaret 7yrs, William Joseph 5yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

McENTEE child male                       d 24 Dec 1898                    Stillborn
Father:- Michael McENTEE (Miner) Mother:- Marlen WHITFORD, born Coolgardie, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

McFADDEN Thomas                                                        d 15 Aug 1901                    1mth
Cause:- Measles, Father:- Thomas McFADDEN (Butcher) Mother:- Annie COLLINS, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 85/1901

McLEAN Allan                                                                   d 27 Mar 1907                    56yrs
Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Phthisis, Father:- Duncan McLEAN (Shepherd) Mother:- Catherine McLEOD, born Scotland, in NSW 2 yrs, In VIC 35yrs, in WA 9yrs, Married to Ann YOUNG in Eaglehawk VIC at age 26yrs, Children:- Catherine 27, Mary Young 26, William 21, Thomas Duncan 18, Alan Alexander 16, buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

McLEAN Glenville George Hector                             d 7 Nov 1907                      20mths
Cause:- Meningitis, Father:- George Walker MCLEAN (School Teacher), born Wagin WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

MOLONEY John                                                                 d 22 Aug 1921                    44yrs
Occ:- Grazier, Cause:- Suicide by shooting himself whilst temporarily insane, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- Lott MALONEY (Farmer) Mother:- Catherine O’SULLIVAN, born Araluen NSW, in NSW 19yrs, In WA 25yrs, Single, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

NANCARROW Olive Muriel                                         d 13 May 1903                   4mths
Cause:- Ill health since birth, Father:- James NANCARROW (Miner) Mother:- Ellen Edith IVES, born Eaglehawk, VIC, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

NOONAN female child                                                  4 Apr 1907                           Stillborn
Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- Michael NOONAN (Publican) Mother:- Mary Ann KENNEDY, buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

NORTHAUSEN George Lawrence Frederick          d 6 Jul 1899                         8mths
Cause:- Tubercular Peritonitis, Father:- Charles Ludwig NORTHAUSEN (Miner) Mother:- Sarah COCKERILL, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 100/1899

PARK William                                                                    d 28 Apr 1901                     21yrs
Occ:- Miner, Cause Typhoid, Father:- John Jack PARK (Miner) Mother:- Mary THORN, born Ayreshire Scotland, in NSW 12 yrs, in WA 4yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

PASSFIELD Henry                                                             d 7 Apr 1897                       34yrs 5
Cause Degeneration of heart,  Father:- Charles PASSFIELD (Farmer) Mother Harriet STACEY, born Megglesfield SA, was 28yrs in SA, 2 yrs in WA, Married to Annie STEWART in Melbourne VIC at age 27yrs, no children. Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

PICKUP Abraham                                                             d 15 Jun 1917                     56yrs
Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Arteria l sclerosis, Father:- Abraham PICKUP (Farmer) Mother:- Ann MALONE, born Rochdale, Lancashire, England, in NSW 9yrs, in WA 22yrs, Married twice:- 1st to Mary Ellen ATTWOOD in Newcastle NSW, 2nd to Mary Ann HICKEY in Burbanks WA at age 45yrs, Children from 1st Marriage – Jane 29yrs and 1 deceased male. Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

PURDY Catherine                                                            28 Sep 1918                        89
Widow, Cause:- Senile decay, Father:- James RICKEY (Soldier) Mother:- Catherine CANE, born Launceston TAS, in TAS 8yrs, in VIC 56yrs, in WA 17yrs, married in Melbourne VIC to Samuel PURDY at age 22yrs, 6 children, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

REDFERN William                                                            d 16 Dec 1904                    7 weeks
Cause:- Infantile diarrhoea, Father:- John REDFURN (Miner) Mother:- Susan BIRD, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

ROGERS Frederick William                                          d 19 Jul 1899                       21mths
Cause:- Pneumonia, Father:- Frederick William RODGERS (Miner) Mother:- Emma Jane BUCK, Born Maryborough VIC, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 106/1899

ROGERS Frederick William                                          d 9 Apr 1901                       34yrs
Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Phthisis, Father:- John RODGERS (Carpenter) Mother:- Margaret CAMERON, born Carisbrook, VIC, in VIC 30yrs, In WA 4yrs, Married to Emma Jane BUCK in VIC at age 26yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 32/1901

REGAN Mary                                                                      d 11 Apr 1901                     47yrs
Cause:- Carcinoma of breast, Father:- John COONEY (Civil Servant) Mother:- Catherine DURACK, born Launceston TAS, In TAS 15yrs, in NSW 18yrs, in VIC 8yrs, in WA 6yrs, Married twice:- 1st to George H…..? in Deniliquin NSW at age 18yrs, 2nd to Hubert REGAN in Launceston TAS at age 33yrs, Children:- 1st Marr – Mary 27yrs, William Patrick 22yrs, John Albert Edward 18yrs, 2nd – John 13yrs, Hubert Edward 10yrs, George Augustus 7yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 34/1901

ROTHON William Thomas                                            d 10 Dec 1900                    9mths
Cause:- Bowels, Father:- Albert Edward ROTHON (Hairdresser) Mother:- Susan Loretta REILLY, born Burbanks, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. Reg Coolgardie 124/1900

RYAN John Thomas                                                         d 6 Nov 1912                      39yrs
Died at the Burbanks Hotel, Burbanks, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Drowned while having a bath, Verdict of the Coroner, Married but details not known. Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

Meekatharra Miner 9 November 1912, page 3

Meekatharra Miner 9 November 1912, page 3

SCAHILL male child, 1st born of twins                      15 Oct 1909                         Stillborn
Father:- Bernard SCAHILL (Wood Contractor), Mother:- Amy STOCKLEY, other twin Ronald Stockley SCAHILL, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

SCAHILL Ronald Stockley                                              19 Nov 1909                        5 weeks
Cause:- Premature birth, second born of twins, Father:- Bernard SCAHILL (Wood Contractor), Mother:- Amy STOCKLEY (other twin stillborn), Bernard SCAHILL (Wood Contractor), Mother:- Amy STOCKLEY, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

SHAW Charles Bertram Clive                                      d 1 Jul 1911                         5mths
Cause:- Chronic enteritis, Father:- Harry SHAR (Miner) Mother Julia THORNTON, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

SOUTH Ernest John                                                         d 13 Feb 1908                     32yrs
Cause:- Killed by a fall of earth in the Birthday Gift GM, Burbanks, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- John SOUTH (Farmer) Mother:- Mary HOLMES, born Scone NSW, in NSW 22yrs, in WA 10yrs, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery. (see www.wavmm.com)

SOUTH Ernest William                                                  20 Apr 1907                        1yr
Cause:- Diarrhoea Father:- Ernest John SOUTH (Miner) Mother:- Jane ARMSTRONG, born Kalgoorlie WA, buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

THOMAS Frederick William George                        d 2 Jul 1903                         2yrs
Cause:- Bronco Pneumonia, Father:- Frederick THOMAS (Miner) Mother:- Esther BUCK, born Burbanks WA, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

WEARMOUTH child female                                         d 7 Feb 1914                       Stillborn
Father:- John WEARMOUTH (Storekeeper) Mother:- Fanny Edith EDWARDS, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

WILSON Elizabeth                                                           d 7 Mar 1899                      25yrs
at the Coolgardie Hospital, Cause:- Dysentery and Typhoid, Father:- George DRAPER (Miner), born Tasmania, in TAS and  for 24yrs, in WA 15mths, Married to Alexander WILSON in Clunes VIC at age 21, Children: Alexander 2yrs, Elda May 7weeks, Buried Coolgardie Cemetery.

The following book is only one that has been written on the history of Burbanks:

Burbanks - Murdoch University Studies in Industrial Archaeology.

Burbanks – Murdoch University Studies in Industrial Archaeology.

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