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The Church of St Luke (Anglican)  – Trafalgar by Fr Edward Doncaster

Church of St Luke, Trafalgar

Trafalgar townsite was gazetted in 1899 and is mentioned in the Boulder service register in 1902 and evening services were commenced in May 1903 by lay reader Mr A E Nadebaum. A building committee of messrs Ginbey and Monkhouse formed in early 1904, and a tender from messrs Wills and Co was accepted. The timber and iron church on Block 47 cost about £170 to erect. It was dedicated by Bishop Riley as the Church of St Luke, Lake View (former name) on the 27th May 1904. A chancel was added in 1906. In 1908 there were 380 houses in Trafalgar, the last of which was destroyed by vandals in 1978. The area has now disappeared and is now part of the Super Pit.

The Stipendiary lay reader gave ‘Religious Instruction’ twice a week in the Lake View school and once a week at Lakeside, instructing an average of 78. It appears that the last service held in the church was on the 5th Dec 1926 when four people attended an 8am service.

It was reported that the building was destroyed in the cyclone od 10 Feb 1928, yet the hall at Wamenusking near Quairading, is reputed to have come from Trafalgar and bears a striking resemblance to the former church.
Clergy Responsible for ministry at Trafalgar:- (all were assistant curates at Boulder)
1903-1904  –  W T Strahan
1904 – 1905 – E W Watts
1905               Lay preacher M A Richards
1905 – 1908    G R Holland
1908 – 1909    E A Jones
1909               H Vine
1909 – 1914    A G Kelsey

Church records held at Battye Library, Perth
Baptismal registers  –  1905 to 1924
Marriage registers   –   1907 to 1914

St Lukes Trafalgar

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