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Graves at Speakman’s Find

CALDER William Leslie:- died 12.10.1896 aged 3 yrs 3 mths at Speakman Find (now Callion Mine) in the Menzies district. Buried at Speakman Find. He died from convilsions. Born: Dunnolly, VIC. He was the child of Alexander and Annie (nee Speakman) CALDER, he had only been in WA for 3 months.

The following information was supplied by Rodney SAMSON:- William Leslie CALDER was the Grandson of George Speakman, my Great Great Grandfather, who owned the Callion Mine and was the older brother of my maternal Grandmother, Elsie CALDER. My Grandmother returned to Vic in 1898 with most of the family to set up various businesses from the proceeds of the Callion Mine. They also set up another mine in Dunnolly VIC. There is a family story, that a number of gold nuggets were kept, and all the children in the family born after 1898 were each given one. My mother was one of the last to receive one before they ran out.

George Speakman was to return to WA in 1899, he then purchaced ‘Coombe Cottage’ in Vic and few years later, he lost it in a card game, and it was bought by Dame Nellie Melba whose descendants now operate it as a vineyard and live there still.

Grave of William Leslie CALDER

Grave of William Leslie CALDER

KENNEY Thomas d. March 1899 age 12yrs (Occ Miner)  10mths -North Coolgardie death cert 15/1899 Cause of death:- Heridetary Consumption. Father:- James KENNY, Sawyer, Mother:- Kate Donnelly Place of Birth:- Gravestown, Huon Tasmania. He had only been in WA for 5 months. His death was certified by his Aunt May KENNY. ‘Its interesting that at only 12 yrs of age he is give the occupation of miner’

Grave of Thomas KENNY

West Australian 17th Mar 1956

West Australian 17th Mar 1956

FOOTNOTE: William Leslie CALDER is the nephew of George CALDER AIF who was killed in Belgium and is buried in Buttes Cemetery, Polygon Wood.


Grave of George Calder

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  1. Karen Dunkley says:

    this was interesting as my mother was born in Dunolly, history can be so interesting & also so very sad.


    Thanks, Chris

  3. Rod Samson says:

    It’s really pleasing that our history is being preserved in this manner, thankyou. Rod Samson

  4. Gayle Samson says:

    Would love to visit the grave of william leslie calder one day. He is the brother of my late grandmother Elsie Jeffs nee Calder. Great u hav preserved this history. Gayle Samson

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