Marriage Superstitions:-

What month did you marry?  The Outlook is a bit grim for me !!! (:

Married in January’s hoar and rime, widowed you’ll be before your prime.

Married in February’s sleety weather, life you’ll tread in tune together.

Married in March winds shrill and roar, your home will lie on a foreign shore.

Married ‘neath April’s changing skies, a chequered path before you lies.

Married when bees o’er May-blooms flit, strangers around your board will sit.

Married in queen-rose month of June, life will be one long honeymoon.

Married in July’s flower-bank’s blaze, hitter-sweet memories in after days.

Married in August’s heat and drowse, lover and friend in your chosen spouse.

Married in gold September’s glow, smooth and serene your life will flow.

Married when leaves in October thin, toil and hardship for you begin

Married in veils of November mist, fortune your wedding ring has kissed.

Married in days of December cheer, Love’s star shines brighter from year to year.

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My name is Moya Sharp, I live in Kalgoorlie Western Australia and have worked most of my adult life in the history/museum industry. I have been passionate about history for as long as I can remember and in particular the history of my adopted home the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. Through my website I am committed to providing as many records and photographs free to any one who is interested in the family and local history of the region.

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  1. It is interesting but northern hemisphere which is meaningless for Australia.

  2. Ha ha! Would be all very well, except that these are for northern hemisphere seasons. Maybe we need some of our own. 🙂

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