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I recently had the good fortune to be take out to the two Bardoc Cemeteries by Kellie Carter from Mt Vetters Station. The first Cemetery has only has one headstone, that of L J Dudley, and there is a memorial stone to Kellie’s Grandfather, Wesley Wallace CARTER. This was the original cemetery which never ended up being gazzetted. It was thought to be too close to the town. However by the time this decision was made four burials had already taken place.  It was officially closed in  May 31 1897. The following burials were supposed to be transferred to the new cemetery but this never took place.

PREST Alfred Ernest (AKA William):- Age 22yrs, Died 20.4.1896 cause ‘Fever, congestion of lungs’ (1st death)

DUDLEY Lionel Joseph Age 54 yrs Died 13.12.1896 cause ‘consumption’ (2nd Death)

TURNBULL W: Age 40yrs Died 8.6.1896 Cause ‘Dysentry’ (3rd Death)

FLYNN Charlie:- Age 21yrs Died 18.2.1897 Cause Typhoid (4th death)

As you will see many of the graves need some restoration and preservation. Particularly the headstone of Sarah Williamson, the deterioration in the intervening years between these two photos is considerable. Kellie is intent to act on this and to secure some funding for fencing and the necessary restoration work. Signage is also planned so people can see the names of those interred here and not just the ones with memorials.

A new site of 5 acres was fenced off further away and the first burial in this cemetery was :-

HARPER William Alexander Iby Ian Age 10mths Died 21.2.1898 cause ‘Gastro Enteritis’

ASHWORTH Robert Albert:- died 24 Feb 1904 in Cross Street, Bardoc, Age 31yrs, Cause of Death ‘Inhalation of Dynamite Fumes’ Inquest held. Father:- John ASHWORTH (Plumber and Iron Moulder) Mother:- Helen WHIPP, He was married to Idi Jean Wightman at aged 30yrs In Kalgoorlie, one child, Robert Alfred Weightman ASHWORTH, aged 8 days
Death registered by his brother, Acton Ashworth, Buried on the 25th Feb 1904 At Bardoc Cemetery. BA death cert 4/1904

ASHWORTH Robert Bardoc 2017

ASHWORTH Robert Bardoc 2017

BENDELL Elizabeth Frances d. 5 Apr 1904 age 24 yrs Cause of death:- Shock from ‘Burns caused by dress accidentally catching fire’  Father:- Edward VAUGHAN (Clerk of Courts Ireland) Mothers name not known. Buried  6 Apr 1904 at Bardoc, Born:- Ratheal, Limerick Ireland, Been in Western Australia for 6 yrs, married to Norman Hall BENDELL, married at age 22 yrs in Kalgoorlie.
BA death cert 5/1904

BONALDI Pietro d. 14 Sep 1903 at the Slug Hill GM Vettersburg, age 33 yrs,  Cause of death, fractured skull from accident’, Father:- Michele BONALDI  (Farmer) Mother:-Angela BONALDI , His death was registed by his cousin Benidetto BONALDI, Born Schilpanio, Bergamo, Italy, he had been in Western Australia for 18 months. At the age of 22yrs he married Angela Bonaldi in Schilpanio, Bergamo, Italy, they had the following children:- Michelina 10yrs, Valento 8yrs, Michele 4yrs, Nina 1yr, (they had 1 male and 1 female deceased). Buried 16th Sept 1904 at Bardoc.
BA death cert 14/1903

BRADBURY Charles d. 6 Jul 1898, age 47, at Vettersburg Bardoc Cause ‘Accidentally Killed by a fall of rock” Born America, had been in Western Australia for 3 yrs, Buried 7th Jul Bardoc Cemetery,
BA death cert 14/1898

BRENNAN James d. 13 Apr 1898, age 27,  at the Bardoc Hospital, Cause of death ‘Run over by train’ Buried in Bardoc Cemetery BA death cert 12/1898

CAGNEY Daniel d. 7 May 1901 age 32, Miner, Cause of Death ‘Accidentally killed by fall of earth at the Zorosteronian GM’ Coroners Inquest held. Parent unknown, Was in Western Australia for 7 yrs prior to this he was in NSW,Buried on the 8th May in the Bardoc Cemetery.
BA death cert 10/1901

COEN John d. 5 Mar 1902 at the Broad Arrow Hospital age 33, Cause of Death ‘ Internal injuries caused by a fall accidentally received while skylarking with a mate’ Father:- Luke COEN (Farmer) Mother:- Mary HUNT ,  Co Mayo Ireland, had been in Western Australia for 8 yrs, Single  , Buried Bardoc   –    BA death cert 5/1902

COEN John Bardoc 2017

COEN John Bardoc 2017

FERGUSON Andrew Brackenridge d. 25 May 1899, age 41, at the Broad Arrow Hospital, Cause of death’ Dysentry’ Father:-Donald Ferguson, Born Mt Plesant SA, was 36yrs in SA and 5yrs in Western Australia, Single, buried in the Bardoc Cemetery.
BA death cert 15/1899

HARPER William Alexander Iby Ian d.21 Feb 1898 age 10mths Cause “Gastro Enteritis’ Father:-George Thomas Harper (Baker) Mother:- Lavinia Alice SPARK, Born in Bardoc, Buried at the Bardoc Cemetery – BA death cert 7/1898

HENRYON Marceline d. 1 Jun 1901 (Female) age 14 weeks at Vettersburg, Cause Hydrocphalus (swelling of the brain since birth)  Father:- Paul Francois HENRYON (Mine Manager) Mother Mary Catherine LEYDEN Born at Vettersburg. Buried at Bardoc Cemetery.
BA death cert 11/1901

HUG Ernest Roy d. 25 Aug 1911, age 5, at Moss Street, Bardoc, Cause ‘Asphxia from tumours in larynx’, Mother:- Lisette HERBERT now Lisette HUG Born in Higate Hill, Perth WA, lived in Western Australia for 5 yrs, Buried at Bardoc, –
BA death cert 5/1911

JESSOP George Augustus d. 30 Apr 1903 age 30 at Broad Arrow Hospital, Cause ‘Fracture of Skull at the Zorostorian GM from accident. Father:-  George JESSOP (Farmer and Grazier) Mother:- Mary DEANE, Married to Margaret Ellen STEEDMAN at age 27yrs in Kalgoorlie WA, Buried 1st May 1903 at Bardoc
BA death cert 6/1903

JESSOP George Bardoc 2017

JESSOP George Bardoc 2017

McDONNELL Alfred George, d. 27 Nov 1899 at Bardoc, age 2yrs, Cause ‘Scalding and shock’, Father:- Alfred Chapple McDONNELL (Mine Manager) Mother Margaret Ethel O’LOUGHLIN, Born in Adelaide SA, Came to Western Australia at 3mths Buried in the Bardoc Cemetery on the 29thNov 1899 –
BA death cert 25/1899

O’BRIEN James W, d. 14 Apr 1900 near Bardoc, age abt. 50, Cause ‘Self Inflicted gunshot’, Born Ireland, been in Western Australia for 4 yrs. Buried at Bardoc,
BA death cert 13/1900

RADNELL Frederick d. 22 Aug 1903 at Bardoc,  age 28, Cause ‘Suffocated by falloff Earth at the Wycheproof GM Bardoc, Father Charles RADNELL (Bootmaker) Mother:- Sarah PAIN Born Tarnagulla, VIC Been in Western Australia for 2 yrs, Buried at Bardoc on 23 Aug 1903
BA 12/1903

SIMMONSEN female stillborn 5 Jun 1900 at Bardoc, Cause ‘Premature Birth’ Illegitimate child of Florence Jane SIMMONSEN, Buried Bardoc.
BA death cert 14/1900

SMITH stillborn 26 Mar 1901 at McConnell Street, Bardoc,  Cause ‘Stillborn” Father:- William SMITH (Hotel Keeper) Mother:- Mary STEEDMAN, Buried at Bardoc,
BA death cert 7/1901

SMITH William d. 23 Dec 1916, age 50, at the Bardoc Hotel, Hotel Keeper, Cause ‘Gunshot wound self inflicted’ Father:-    Charles Smith and Maria, nee Gallagher, who married at Tarraville in 1856 and selected land at Rosedale in 1865. Bill was the sixth child and fourth son of their brood of 14 and the first to be born at Rosedale.   He was married to Mary Dudley (Widow) at the age of 34yrs in Kalgoorlie WA, 1 child Kathleen age 12yrs, 1 child deceased.
BA death cert 2/1917


Bardoc William Smith

Bardoc William Smith (Date Unknown)

SMITH William Bardoc 2017

SMITH William Bardoc 2017

SNOWDEN George d. 5 Jan 1917 age 61, Prospector, Cause Heart Disease, at his camp 1 mile west of Bardoc,Born in London England. Buried at Bardoc.
BA death cert 1/1917

STEWART Ivy May d. 22 Oct 1903 age 1 yr 5mths at the Vettersburg GM, Cause ‘Marasmus and exhaustion” Father:- Nicholas STEWART (Miner), Mother:- Jessie EVANS, Born Paddington WA Buried Bardoc
BA death cert 15/1903

STEWART Nicholas Robert d. 29 Oct 1900 age 1yr 8mths, at Vettersburg,Cause ‘Collapse of Bowel’ Father:- Charles STEWART (Labourer) Mother:-Margaret  ELLEGAT, Born Vettersburg, Buried Bardoc
BA death cert 22/1900

STEWART Nicholas R Bardoc 2017

STEWART Nicholas R Bardoc 2017


WILLIAMSON Sarah Annie d. 21 Sept 1908 age 55  at Bardoc (On Crown Land) Cause ‘Cancer of the uterus, recurring after operation) Father:- George HANDLEY (Sea Captain) Mother:-Jane BROWNWELL, Born Hobart Tasmania, been in Western Australia for 10 yrs, Married in Beaconsfield Tasmania at age 22yrs to William WILLIAMSON, no children,
BA death cert 14/1908 (headstone)


WILLIAMSON Sarah Bardoc 2017

WILLIAMSON Sarah Bardoc 2017

WILSON Lancelot George d. 31 Dec 1903 age 4mths –BA death cert 3/1904

DUDLEY Lionel Joseph d. 13 Dec 1896 age 54 headstone at Mt Vetters Station:-

DUDLEY L J Bardoc 2017

DUDLEY L J Bardoc 2017

Erected Mrs Mary Dudley nee Steedman

DUDLEY Frederick James Private – memorial plaque – killed in France 20 Sep 1917

Memorial to Wesley Wallace CARTER


MIELL Isaac Robert d. 11 Sep 1894 age 49 bur a Grants Patch near Bardoc – perhaps Bardoc Murder victim


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