A Day In The Mines – Verse by Tony Bozich



The young geologist passed my way

as I readied the drive to drill,

fresh faced and polite he said g’day

and smiled all full of good will.

“You’re new,” I said, and he nodded assent,

“Just having a look around,”

and before I replied off quick he went,

he’d rarely been underground.

At the end of the shift the plat man said,

“You know the rock doctor just started?

The silly bugger,  he’s got himself dead,

a pity, so young and good hearted.”

It seemed he’d gone to a face just fired

that hadn’t been barred down yet,

and a big rock fell on the boy just hired

who hadn’t had time to sweat.


 The above is in memory of Colin Michael Danby, killed on the Perseverance Shaft of the then GMK, or Gold Mines of Kalgurli, 11th July 1961.

 Together with Phil Gibson, sample supervisor and fine man, I and our group were the last to see the young Englishman, aged just 22, alive.

By Tony Bozich


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My name is Moya Sharp, I live in Kalgoorlie Western Australia and have worked most of my adult life in the history/museum industry. I have been passionate about history for as long as I can remember and in particular the history of my adopted home the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. Through my website I am committed to providing as many records and photographs free to any one who is interested in the family and local history of the region.

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  1. Oh how very sad. What a moving poem. I found your post via the Geniaus blog. Interesting way of spelling Kalgoorlie too btw.

    • Many thanks for you comments I will pass them on to Mr Bozich. Yes this is how Kalgoorlie used to be spelled, I think I prefer it! I haven’t seen the Geniaus blog but will find it.

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